Gisela’s review of The Problem with Forever

I don’t know how to even begin to describe how much I love this book. I was so surprised at how much I loved it! I thought it was going to be like an okay book, but I was SO wrong.

I think of it like this – I waited so long to read this book but I read it at the exact moment I needed it. The Problem with Forever has heartbreak, loss, and brought up the issue of foster kids. It always breaks my heart when I hear about kids and teenagers who are in the foster care system. Some of the kids and teenagers go through these horrible circumstances and grow up into even more horrible circumstance and we BLAME them for being the way they are when they never even had a chance. No one ever showed them that someone cared. It’s awful.

But the story of Mallory and Rider is full of hope. It never skirts the ugly stuff, and the author, Jennifer does an amazing job of pointing out the ugly situations. But she also shows the transformative power these situations can have when we are able to believe in ourselves with a little help from a network of loved ones.

Her writing was also very lovely and descriptive, in a good way!

Mallory and Rider’s relationship is so freaking swoon-worthy too. Any little thing they would say to each other had me squealing and grinning. So super cheesy I know! But it was just so darn cute!!! 

Gisela’s review of The Problem with Forever

Gisela’s review of By Your Side

That was the sweetest thing I’ve read in a while even with it beginning with a cliche. Good girl meets “tough and tender” boy and get locked up in a library by accident over a long weekend. That sounds like a dream come true to me.

Despite the cliche beginning, the book had serious undertones to it, and one that I admittedly and personally can relate to. The main character, Autumn has an anxiety disorder. She panics over many things and it’s not until Dax (tough and tender boy) shows her that it’s okay to say no to friends and situations if they make you feel uncomfortable. Her mother was a super hero too letting her know that it’s okay to take mental health breaks once in a while.

There was a moment in the end that made me tear up a bit, where Autumn explains her disorder as her mind not being in tune with her body sometimes. Such a simple statement that speaks volumes.

This book was adorable too. I’m a sucker for tough and tender boys. Especially ones who read. Anyone who needs a little light in their day should read this. 

Side Note: I only read this book based on a recommendation. I would have never picked it up on my own because of the cover. I’m not a big fan of real people on covers. *shudders*

Gisela’s review of By Your Side

Gisela’s review of The House

Even with reading the synopsis for the book, I still was not prepared for what I read AND how much I liked it. The House is the extreme example of what happens when you mess around with things you shouldn’t mess around in.

There is a corner of my heart reserved for paranormal, romance, and paranormal romance (blame Twilight) and I think that it was ultimately suckered me in. Delilah and Gavin have electrifying chemistry and their back in forth banter was really cute. But don’t think just because I said their banter is cute, that it means this book is cute. No. This book is DARK. Dark in the way of paranormal, haunted houses, frightening nightmares, and creepy spirits.

This was also my first Christina Lauren book and I really enjoyed their writing style. Beautifully descriptive without being over done. I’ve been wanting to read their other books but I’m happy I started with this one.

Gisela’s review of The House

Gisela’s review of Genuine Fraud

I went into reading this book not knowing what the hell I was getting myself into because that description gave me nothing which in this case was good! Although I did not like the ending (I feel like I needed more explanation) I have to give kudos to the author for sucking me into the story. I had to know what the hell was happening and what had caused Jule down this path. The story starts off as one big lie and little by little you get the truth. If a book can get me to yell “WTF!” or try to analyze the character, then it did a good job in my book.

Again, though I didn’t like that ending that is the ONLY thing I really didn’t like.

Gisela’s review of Genuine Fraud

Gisela’s review of A Court of Wings and Ruin

The book, this series deserves all the stars in Starfall. I had no words when I finished this book at 1:00 a.m. and I am still struggling to put coherent thoughts together. Sit back and relax for a long rambling review/rant of the greatest book/series I have read yet…

This book had my heart thumping the whole time. THE WHOLE DAMN TIME. I was on this giant roller coaster of emotions because I did not know how this all was going to play out, especially with all the foreboding sprinkled throughout the entire book. I just keep catching phrases that would hint at something happening to two people in particular and every time I would catch those words, my heart would stop beating because I was terrified. Yes I’ve cried over characters before, but this somehow felt more personal. I was filled with so much anxiety and fear for them, and as much as I hate those two feelings, Sarah J. Maas is brilliant for conveying those emotions throughout the book.

Also (kind of how I mentioned in a previous status), although this book is fantasy, I couldn’t help noticing the parallels between Prythian and our current state of global affairs. I think that is what makes this series so relatable despite the fae and fairies – Sarah is able to weave in this tough issues: PTSD, loss, refugees, loyalists, nationalists, and so on and so forth. There were two passages in particular that I took pictures of because I felt like I was reading the news. Just replace all the fictional places with real ones and you got current events. I appreciated it though. It felt real.

The characters, dear cauldron, all the characters she introduced in the book, I was in love! Also, if I liked Lucien before, I love him now and I definitely need to hear more about him. Feyre of course was a bad ass and I loved her every second. She was honest and made mistakes but she became who she was meant to be. This book definitely had a lot more steamy parts and I know some people didn’t like it. But I DID. I love seeing how Rhysand and Feyre’s relationship plays out in ALL aspects, whether it is their friendship, their bond, their marriage, their love, their bickering. Because that is what it is. Their relationship is all that and more. So I appreciate ever second of their scenes together. ALSO I APPRECIATE ALL THE DAMN WOMEN EMPOWERMENT HE KEPT ACKNOWLEDGING. LIKE YES BOY YOU BETTER!

I can keep talking on and on about this book, this series. Sarah J. Maas I just want to say thank you, for letting me be a dreamer. For making me believe that yes, dreamers can change the world if you have the courage. I’m really upset that Feyre and Rhysand won’t be the central characters anymore, but I’m looking forward to learning more about other characters. Just please… pleasseeeeeeee include Feyre and Rhysand. Pleasseeeeeeeee.

Gisela’s review of A Court of Wings and Ruin

Gisela’s review of Dorothy Must Die

I don’t know what I was expecting, but what I got wasn’t what I was expecting, it was way better. I love weird and far off places (kind of like Neverland and Wonderland) and I love retellings, and this one was no exception.

I’ll admit, the book at first was a bit hard to get into, but I believe it must have been the setting. I couldn’t get into the whole Kansas-smalltown-girl thing at first, but Amy’s character added that spark I needed in order to continue with the book. Amy was my favorite part of the book, actually. She is such a captivating protagonist, a total bad ass and I really felt for her in all her loneliness. She couldn’t trust anyone in her life, not even her mother and I think (despite it being in a fantastical setting) is something that many of us can relate to. She meets an vast set of characters, that I couldn’t even begin to go through! There was so many! But of course we see the ones from the original story, the Tin Man, the Lion, the Scarecrow, and of course Dorothy.

After the first initial chapters I was totally hooked and I could never really guess what was going to happen, which is obvious since everything is Topsy turvy in Oz. And after that ending, I need the next book ASAP.

Gisela’s review of Dorothy Must Die

Gisela’s review of Shadow Kiss

What…. I mean what the actual what?!?!?!?!? What did I just read? Can I just go back to a time where everything was better and my heart wasn’t broken?

First to books were good, enjoyable. This though… My heart was going to explode the last couple of chapters and I swear my blood pressure went up. I can’t say too much because well, I have no coherent thoughts right now. I should probably wait to write this but I need to get it over with so I can start on the next book BECAUSEICANNOTBELIEVEITENDEDTHATWAY!?

What I can say is I am in love with the development of Rose’s character. She is tough and getting smarter in each book. I also really enjoyed how her relationship with Christian evolved from enemies to friends. I had a feeling it would happen sooner or later and it played out really naturally. Also, another enemy turned friend, Mia! I was so happy about that. I really hope she shows up in the other books.

As for Adrien… sighhhhhh I want her to want him, despite how much I love Demetri. Okay, ranty review is done. I’m going to go cry now.

Gisela’s review of Shadow Kiss