💕Lit Chicks | A Princess In Theory By Alyssa Cole

Hi Bookish Babes!

I hope April treated you fantastic! This month we read a very steamy royal read: A Princess In Theory by Alyssa Cole, which left us wishing we could be whisked away by a gentlemanly prince from some far off land. *Sigh*

The book was funny and entertaining and had so many amazing female relationships! Also, shout out to our women in STEM!

Carla and I hope you enjoyed reading this month’s pick or if you haven’t read it yet, you get enticed to add yet ANOTHER book to your TBR pile.

Make sure you join us every month for a new romance read. If you have any suggestions please send them our way! You can comment on our video or message us directly via our Instagram @litchickvlog. 

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Carla & Gisela

Lit Chicks November Read | Maybe In Another Life by Taylor Jenkins Reid 💕

Hi Friends!

We hope your Thanksgiving was full of love, gratefulness, and food! And if none of those are up your alley (we totally get it), we hope that it was filled with tons of good books (or Netflix)!

Carla and I know that some of you are probably running around getting started on your Christmas shopping and others might still be in a state of stupor after eating tons of food. Whatever state you are in, how about you take a break and have some fun with us while we discuss Maybe In Another Life by Taylor Jenkins Reid! Enjoy!


Lit Chicks October Read | Match Making for Beginners by Maddie Dawson 💕

Hi Friends,

Welcome back to another Lit Chick post! From the bottom of our hearts (mine’s and Carla’s) we are so grateful for everyone who watched our first video and gave us such kind words. This really is a fun thing for us to and we love sharing our love of books with you!

This month we decided to read Match Making for Beginners by Maddie Dawson. We thought this was the perfect read for the beginning of the holiday season. Hope you enjoy it as much as we did. Love you all and enjoy!


Book Review: Josh and Hazel’s Guide to Not Dating by Christina Lauren

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“The world seems full of men who are initially infatuated by our eccentricities, but who ultimately expect them to be temporary.”

If I say I enjoyed reading this book, that would be an understatement. I am head over heels in love with this book AND Hazel AND Josh AND I need Christina and Lauren to be my best friends right now and turn my life into a romantic comedy! 💖💖💖

Just when I think their last book is my favorite, I get a new favorite. In this book, we met Josh and Hazel, both of whom briefly knew each other in college. Then seven years down the road with established careers, the two meet and become instant best friends (probably due more to Hazel’s lovable insistence). Hazel’s best friend happens to be Josh sister and from the moment they reunite it’s a roller coaster of setting up blind dates for each other.

This book was totally driven by the characters and the situations they put themselves in. Hazel’s personality is probably one of my favorite that I have had the pleasure to read about in a long time. I don’t think I’ve laughed out loud reading a book in a long time either. I mean tears pouring down my face laughing and re-reading the same sentence over and over (and listening because I also got the audiobook – I love it that much) just to relieve the moment. Her bright and sunny to Josh’s cool and collected was the perfect match and their interactions were priceless. I’ve never read such flawless chemistry between two characters before! How does Christina Lauren make characters so real? It always baffles me.

Ultimately, the book has a beautiful message about accepting your quirks and finding someone who loves you for them too. There are many times in the story when Hazel points out to Josh that guys don’t tend to stick around long because they can’t take all her quirkiness. She isn’t going to change herself because of that though. Josh sees that despite what everyone thinks about Hazel, she is who she is and that is what makes her special. I love that. Dating now in days can seem like a competition and it’s almost like you have to have a filter on in real life in order to be able to make it. Hazel showed me that it’s possible to find someone who will love you as long as you keep being yourself AND love yourself.

All the stars to Josh and Hazel.

P.S. This book got reeeeeeally sexy but it was so darn relatable! 💃

“I have chaos around me, but it’s like he doesn’t care. He doesn’t need me to change or be someone else.”

P.P.S I didn’t say too much about the story and the characters in my review because I have something special up my sleeve with this book and a project I’m working on. STAY TUNED, FRIENDS!

Gisela’s review of The Bird and the Sword

Do you like far off places? Daring sword fights, magic spells, a prince in disguise? Did you see what I did there? *chuckles to self*


But honestly, Belle took the words right out of my mouth. The Bird and the Sword is all that and more. This is a Fantasy Romance book in its purest form. My first Amy Harmon book and I was not disappointed.

First thing, plot. Although I’m sure many of us grew up with fairy tales and sweeping fantasies I was always taken by surprise by the direction of the story. I could never predict what would happen. Our main protagonist, Lark is a girl of noble birth who has the power of a teller (someone who can use words and phrases to create magic), but because of a tragic situation in her past she is left without the ability to speak or use her words.

As for her writing style… it is gorgeous and lush and honestly very poetic. Words play a very big role in this book and is what ultimately causes much grief but also happiness.

Now for the fangirling moment – gosh the characters were just so beautifully written!!! Lark was beautiful and delicate. I’m used to reading about super strong ass female characters that can take down someone with a sword, but Lark has a different strength to her. Something quiet and subtly strong. Something you shouldn’t underestimate. I appreciated that. As for the King… *swoon.* He was so frustratingly cocky and gentle at the same time. I kept going back and forth between wanting to smack him and wanting to kiss him!

Over all the book was beautiful and a fast favorite for me. My only wish was that there was another book!

Gisela’s review of The Bird and the Sword

We do not remain the same each minute to the next. Every word you hear, every sight you see, every smell, every thought you have, ever moment – it all changed you. We keep putting on mask after mask, layers over layers. That’s how one grows.

Tarun Shanker and Kelly Zekas, These Vicious Masks

Gisela’s review of These Vicious Masks

I picked up this book believing that I wanted a light read, something to pass the time. I did not think I would become this invested. Oh! I might also add that I decided to read this book because I thought it was a stand alone… it’s not! At first, I was distraught! But after finishing, I’m happy that there will be another book, because I MUST know what happens next, especially with Mr. Kent. *insert sexy wink here*

Plotwise These Vicious Masks was not a fast read and not an entirely captivating or life-changing read, but it was comical and delightful.

The writing style took a bit to get used to because they really used a lot of Victorian-ish style language and at first I couldn’t really get the emotions from the characters. Once you get past that, it was pretty easy because it is still pretty modern language when compared to a book that ACTUALLY came out during the Victorian era.

I can relate very much to the main protagonist Evelyn. She absolutely detests England Society and wishes she didn’t have to put up with it. Don’t we all Evelyn? She is feisty and clever and I really hope in the next book she does a lot more. Although, she is the main character I don’t feel like she was really in the action, or was put into action. Mostly she was reacting. But I guess when you take into account that this is the victorian era and Mr. Braddock and Mr. Kent kept telling her to stay put for safety, she would be reacting. Don’t get me wrong, there were some points in the story where it was all her idea, and I appreciated her even more for that.

Now emotionally, though… Gah!! That love declaration in the end! I was completely swooning!!! (I know, I know. So corny, but true!) I’m all for strong and independent women, but I need Mr. Kent and Evelyn to be together. That would make me the happiest girl in the world.

Gisela’s review of These Vicious Masks