It’s one of those days when I wish I had Tris’s strength to get me through. I hope all my fellow neurotic book lovers have a happy Wednesday. 


The next book in the series doesn’t come for another two days via mail. What am I supposed to do until then? Will my characters be okay? 

a review of Shadow and Bone

A little slow to start but once you get the ball rolling, I couldn’t bear to put it down! Alina Starkov was brilliant and although I thought her character was weak a bit in the beginning, but I’m looking forward to seeing how strong and independent she becomes in the next book. I’m really rooting for her and for her to become her own person with her own special gifts. I can’t say much with out spoiling the book, but I really am praying for a happy ending. Thumbs up.

AND I just found out they are making this into a movie! Which would be brilliant!

a review of Shadow and Bone

My GoodReads! | Scarlet (The Lunar Cronicles) By: Marissa Meyer

Ok so I ripped through Cinder like there was no tomorrow because it just got so darn good! Modern take on fairy tales are awesome and I know I already talked about it but I am suffering from a book hangover here…But now onto other things Scarlet! I am so excited to continue reading about Cinder. I don’t know how I feel about the introduction to a new character but I’m all open to new ideas…I just get so attached to characters. Any who here goes my feelings… *dives*

My GoodReads! | Scarlet (The Lunar Cronicles) By: Marissa Meyer