What qualifies as a good book?

“It’s not just how much you read, it’s what you read…”

…I saw the above quote on someone’s IG and the person (who shall remain nameless because I don’t like to put people on the spot) went on to say that that best sellers and featured books weren’t good and complaining about people’s choices in books, and also gave a list of books that they recommend people to read. I went ahead and looked at the list provided and found a couple of books that I might like or enjoy, but not all of them, because people’s likes and dislikes are subjective. 

Just because a book is a bestseller does not officially make it good, but it doesn’t make it bad either. It all depends on the reader and what YOU personally like to read. When I recommend books to people I make sure that I take into consideration what they like and don’t like. I’m not just going to say, “HEY! I liked this book, and I KNOW you will like it too because it is good and worthy of your time and is not like that other vampire/cancer/love/self-help/philosophical/budget crappy book you like to read. 

Read what makes you feel good. If you like to read Anna Karenina, then so be it, if you like to jump between the pages of a Sci-Fi book, please be my guest! Because people that is the magic of reading. It transcends all ages, walks of life, ethnicities, everything! What speaks to you won’t speak to the same person next to you. No one should have to prove themselves to anyone and feel like they have to be forced to read anything to make themselves seem better then other people, if you do that, your doing it wrong. 

Reading is a magical and spiritual experience for me. Opening a new book is starting a new life for me, and I will never ever in my life let someone make me feel inferior for the things that bring me joy. 

I am a neurotic book lover and proud. 

Happy reading friends. 

My life. What’s funny is that my family and friends used to call me Matilda because I looked like her when I was younger. Looks like we had more than looks in common.