Gisela’s review of Too Late

I have 2 or 3 favorite Colleen Hoover books, but I think Too Late has become my new favorite. Wow, just wow. This is absolutely NOTHING like what she usually writes and I love her for it.

My heart raced, my blood pressure rose, I cried, I was a wreck, I think I avoided human interaction a few nights because I had to finish this book. I always appreciate her writing style and the meaningful quotes that shoot out every paragraph her so, but this book was full of them. Every moment felt like a scene in a movie, beautifully crafted – even the psychotic Asa parts. IT WAS JUST SO WELL WRITTEN.

The characters were fully developed, each with their quirks amplified like people in real life. None of the fluff we usually see with her earlier books (which I can still appreciate) – it’s just that these characters were real. So damn real. I know readers complained that Sloan could have been stronger, could have gotten away from that nightmare she was living. That any person in their right mind would have left. But EXCUSE ME, when you have been brought up a certain way, and don’t know ANY other way, you don’t just “get out.” That’s not how it works. As frustrated as we can get with characters for putting themselves in harmful situations, you must take into account the CONTEXT of the situation. I thought Sloan was pretty fucking strong to be put through the crap that she went through, and my heart goes out to anyone that would ever go through something like this. I applaud Colleen for highlighting characters such as these (including the psychotic and delusional Asa – who just didn’t know how to handle his crap) and appreciate her honest words.

Side Note: She warns you but I will warn you again, this book is a trigger for abuse, rape, and mental illness. There are VIVIDLY described scenes. If you feel like you can’t handle it don’t put yourself through this. Please.

Gisela’s review of Too Late

Gisela’s review of Without Merit


A solid 4 stars for me. But all the stars go to Colleen for writing such a brilliant coming of age book that dove into some issues that other authors fear to tread. That’s why I love you.

In the beginning, though I will not lie, I was wondering what the hell was going on. The description of the book was already super vague, and going in I was snapchatting my friend every few minutes going, “WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING! I’M CONFUSED!” The beginning was slow and confusing, but it’s the type of slow confusing start that is rewarded because once I finished the book I appreciated the beginning a lot.

Some things that I feel like I should point out in list form:

– Love the book shout and author love in Without Merit (i.e. God Shaped Hole – still not over that, will never get over that.)
-Even after the end I still really dislike Merit’s sister, Honor. She gets the award for the worse sister in the world. She’s probably up there with Nesta in my book. Ugh, just horrible!
– Shout out to Colleen for writing and using her platform to highlight the Syrian Refugee crisis. That’s the type of bravery we need in this world. (Side Note: I was able to see Colleen talk in a panel in BookCon, and I remember someone asking if they would ever take the leap and add current world events to their books. All the other authors said not really, while Colleen said if her story called for it. I think Colleen did it justice.)
– Another shout out again to Colleen for writing about depression. ❤
-Love that it was not insta-love. I actually wouldn’t even consider this a romance novel, just a coming of age novel with love in the mix.

I really thought I wouldn’t like this book, and actually, the beginning was just okay for me. But the overall message saved me and I can truly appreciate her honesty.

Gisela’s review of Without Merit

Gisela’s review of Maybe Someday

I’m probably being completely biased because I love ALL of Colleen Hoover’s books but Maybe Someday will be my second favorite after Confess. I always pick up a Hoover book when I need a pick me up because although all the characters go through crazy situations and you almost believe that there will be no happy ending, there is a happy ending and I love that about her. AND even though I know there is most likely going to be a happy ending, I never have any idea how it is going to get there! I have no idea how Hoover is able to keep that element in her books time and time again.

I’ve never read a book that combined actual music and a story, and it worked out nicely and added an extra sentimentality to the story. I felt a little more immersed because of that.

Now emotionally… the characters interactions were driving me crazy! Absolutely crazy! I wanted to knock some sense into Ridge the whole time and found myself saying “No. No. No,” plenty of times. I really had no idea how Ridge and Syndey would react to each other after certain situations arose. I liked that, though! I could never guess and I don’t like it when a book is too predictable.

Overall if you need some hope and love in your life, read this.

Gisela’s review of Maybe Someday

a review of November 9

Probably one of the best Colleen Hoover books I have read. Yes, I know for the most part all her characters in her books end up together, you know you will get a happy ending, BUT there was a moment when I honestly nothing would recover.

Ben and Fallon (the two main characters) go on one HELL of an emotional roller coaster ride. They meet up once a year for five years. No phone numbers, no Facebook, no social media of any kind, NO INTERACTION except for November 9 every year. I have to give it to Fallon and Ben for sticking through with this deal. Most people can’t go 5 hours without cyber stalking a crush.

And in true Colleen fashion, there are secrets revealed and hearts broken. It was kind of funny that the characters make fun of Insta-Love in books, and yet their’s was an Insta-Love kind of love, and at some points I did find it sort of cheesy. Was the plot in the book believable? Hell no. Was it amazing? Hell yes! Something like that probably doesn’t really exist in todays world, but it gives hope that maybe it can happen, even to the people falling love who completely find it as ludicrous as the rest of the world does.

Side Note: Only downside; I listened to the audio book and I found myself upping the speed on the voice when the girl was narrating. It was tooooooo slooowwwwwwww. Ben was perfect.

a review of November 9

a review of Never Never: Part Three

Finished! Phew. Never Never had me confused and frustrated from the start. The whole time it had my brain trying to figure out what the heck was going on. In Part Two we finally find out a bit what happened, and in Part Three everything gets resolved pretty much, just not in the way I was hoping for. I absolutely adored the setting and the idea of the story. It was absolutely phenomenal, but I really feel the characters deserved a much more thrilling ending, it was a bit anti-climatic. The magical realism was enjoyable and add the extra oomph the story needed. Now a little side rant: I really dislike the main girl, Charlie. She is probably one of my least favorite characters. I know we aren’t going to like every character we read, but she was one of the main characters! I was really rooting for her, and she just disappointed me a bit. Silas on the other hand… I adored and appreciated his character development. He had motivation, he had growth, even when he didn’t remember anything he was still smart, while Charlie for me was just, well there. That plot twist though. I did not see it coming and I’m trying to figure out if Tarryn or Colleen wrote it. Over all I want to give it a four, but I was not too satisfied with the ending, but it did keep me very engaged. I just wanted to know what the heck was going to happen!

a review of Never Never: Part Three

a review of Never Never: Part Two

I haven’t read Part 3 yet but this one has got to be the one that takes me the most on a whirlwind so far! I have no idea what the hell is going on with Silas or Charlie. Probably for the first half of the book I wanted to pull my hair out and scream because I had no idea what was going on. At least I know the book is heading somewhere. I’m picking up Part 3 as we speak…

a review of Never Never: Part Two