“The years are long, but eventually, always, fortunes shift. The people rise. Such is the way of things. Either let change come willingly, help it along, or face the wrath of such force.” | I finished this book two days ago and I still have not been able to bring myself to write a review. The book hangover is real. ⚡️

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Book hangovers are serious business- especially after finishing an epic fantasy series. My heart is still reeling but the cure might be some Netflix and a book in a completely different genre of the one I just read. Queue in Social Creatures. 🎭

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“The world we want to build has to outlive us.” ⚡️
Started this monster of a book today and I’m already hooked and I guess I’ll just say bye to my social life?
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“Sometimes, it was enough just to be with someone who understood.” | Back to reality means back to British Book Club with a beachy theme this time. You think being home I would be grounded and happy with my routine, but this book is only fueling my wanderlust more. Scotland again anyone?🌤🍃
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I enjoy long romantic walks through the bookstore. ♥️ | First things first when arriving in Portland- Powell’s and they are not kidding when they call it city of books. I got lost quite a few times.
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“Everything was beautiful. Anything was possible. The whole world has been split open like a peach. And these poor people…Were they too old too see it? All they had to do was reach out and pluck it and raise it to their lips, and they would taste it too.” – Lauren Groff, Florida Stories
| The Florida heat is just getting started and I’m seeking shade wherever possible.🌴🌞📚
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“ I see this land flowing with books… Widespread literacy. Books everywhere…” – Erika Johansen
| Thank you Tonjanika for showing my love of books through your photos and including my favorites. ♥️ They are all beautiful and I felt so at ease even with my awkwardness! | In this photo I’m holding one of my favorite books of all time. (Also my mother is grateful for the formal photos. 😅)
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(at Mead Botanical Garden)