Book Review|Work Wife by Erica Cerulo & Claire Mazur 👯

Happy Tuesday Bookish Babes!

I hope you are all having a brilliant Tuesday so far and have so many good things that will happen to you this week! The book I’m going to write about today is one that I have been super excited for a long time, Work Wife by Erica Cerulo and Claire Mazur who are the founders of the website Of A Kind. Full disclaimer, I don’t know too much about their website. I’ve only seen it in passing, but it doesn’t take away from the fact that they give so much great and practical advice in this book.

Times are changing my friends and for the better. In Work Wife, Erica and Claire talk about the benefits of creating partnerships between female colleagues and friends and how we only become stronger for it. I know first hand how damaging it is when we feed into the lie that women are “catty” towards one another and how it’s in our nature to be competitive. BUT THAT IS JUST NOT THE CASE LADIES! We are beautiful, powerful, brilliant, vulnerable human beings and it is these willingness to be vulnerable in many aspects of our lives that make working together so enriching.

Erica and Claire don’t just give advice, they back it up with research and case studies, going over many different female partnerships in a variety of industries, to show that it can work. That it DOES work. They how the foundations of what is already in us, help guide us to make better business decisions and form lasting and evolving companies. So many times we read these business books and they have decent advice, but sometimes it’s dry and can’t be applied to our lives. No, not with Work Wife. It left me invigorating and ready to collaborate with the female powerhouses I have around me.

From picking your work wife, to handling finances together, to how to get through disagreements, Erica and Claire go through it all with the help of so many amazing women. 💖

Until next time bookish babes!

Read something wonderful and stay curious,