Gisela’s review of Everything, Everything

Spoiler Free Review (YAY!)

First and foremost, Everything Everything warmed my heart! I couldn’t stop smiling at the interactions between the two main characters Maddy and Olly. It was more than I could handle. I usually don’t do too well with cute and fluffy reading, but I think the seriousness of the situation that Maddy was in helped create the perfect balance.

Besides the actual plot of the story (I was getting serious TFIOS flashbacks, BUT IN A GOOD WAY), Nicola Yoon’s writing style is just beautiful. Her words were soothing and lovely and I re-read passages over and over again, because I couldn’t get enough of it. The doodles in between the passages were amazing as well and made it seem more realistic, and the Little Prince references were added another extra layer to the book that I enjoyed.

The ending though, wow, I knew something was up but I did not see that coming!

This story took me on a roller coaster of emotions (cliche, I know, but TRUE!) and I couldn’t put the book down.

FYI – I’m smiling while I write this. đŸ™‚

Gisela’s review of Everything, Everything

Gisela’s review of Of Beast and Beauty

So I want to give this book actually a 3.5 almost a 4 so I just went ahead and gave it a 4 because after the first few chapters (which were kind of off) I got really into the story.

It definitely is a Beauty and the Beast retelling but in a really unexpected dystopian-ish way. At first, I thought I could tell who was the Beauty and who was the Beast, but honestly, the characters were so grey in this story, WHICH I appreciated! No character (or real life person for that matter) is ALL good or all bad. I honestly think we have a bit of both and that is evident in all the characters, especially Isra, Gem, Bo, and Bo’s father.

I really appreciated Bo’s character, (even though I wanted to strangle him half the time) because he really provided that insight we needed from someone who only sees the ugliness in people.

Meanwhile, Isra and Gem had to work through some prejudices all throughout the book and really figure out how to fix the broken world that they inherited. The mystery involved in the book was intriguing, and I enjoyed my journey with Isra in trying to figure where society went wrong. In the end, you learn that when you look past your first judgments and learn to love people for who they are, you really can fix anything.

Overall the message in this book was sweet.

Gisela’s review of Of Beast and Beauty

A review of The Accident Season

In actually I give this book a 4.5. It was just a wee bit slow in the beginning to merit a whole 5, but once the ball got rolling, I couldn’t put the book down.

The book was not what I expected it to be at all. Spooky? Yes. Magical? Definitely. It helped a lot that I was reading this book in the dead of night during a hurricane, with the wind rustling the leaves outside. Perfect setting to read this book.

The characters Cara, Sam, Bea, and Alice were so amazingly lovely. I loved them so much (flaws and all) that I wanted to be friends with them. I wanted to be a part of this bizarre and magical family. Every year in October, the Accident Season begins. Weird situations happen. Bruised bodies, broken bones, bloody lips, car wrecks, and deaths have occurred during this Accident Season, and their eccentric mother worries every year when the season comes along. Alice, the oldest sister is very suspicious about this season, while Cara (the main main character) knows there is more to the story, especially after she realized that a girl name Elsie has been appearing in everyone one of her photographs since she was a little girl. Does she have something to do with the Accident Season?

The whole time while reading, you can’t help but shift back and forth between reality and fantasy, which is the main thing when it comes to magical realism. You don’t know what is real and what isn’t, and this is some of my favorite type of reading. Being someone that looks for the magic in the every day, I eat this kind of novel up. One of my favorite scenes without giving too much away is the party scene. Wow… the author did an amazing job in making me feel like I was in the scene. I felt as drunk as the main character. Confused, happy, melancholy, tipsy… even more so during the party, the lines between reality and fantasy were blurred and her confusion was magical. I felt so connected to her at that moment. The added aspect of the Changelings made the scene even better. It was like having two alternate realities happening at once.

Don’t get me wrong the book got spooky, and ultimately the families demons are confronted and the truth is let out like a gust of wind that knocks all the walls they have put up throughout the years. Throughout the book, you get hints of what is really happening… and not everything is said but I like that the author gives the reader credit to put two and two together. A perfect example of show, don’t tell. Secrets, friendship, family, and the supernatural are definite themes in this book, and sometimes we cover up things with half truths only so we don’t have to confront what we truly are afraid of.

Spooky and magical book, I could relate so much to the main character, Cara. Now I want some silver converse.

A review of The Accident Season

A review of Succubus Blues

I put three, but honestly, it deserves a 3.5, almost a 4 because I genuinely enjoyed this book! I didn’t think I would (sometimes I do judge by the cover) but the plot was pretty gripping. On top of that, I find anything that has to do with the forces of good and evil (angels and demons) fascinating.

The main character, Georgina, was really interesting too. I like that she had more to her than just what any succubus job entails. She is still really in touch with her humanity and cares about humans. So much so that it pretty much has ruined her love life for the last millennia. BUT I find it so cool how with her immortality she has been able to take advantage and experience so many different time periods and she keeps the best of them (swing dancing anyone?).

It was a bit slow at first, but once the murders started happening, I couldn’t put the book down. I needed to know who was behind everything! Georgina is a smart succubus and was able to figure out a lot of the details. I’m hoping though that maybe in the next book she might get stronger or something, maybe have some hidden power in her arsenal. Either way, I’m looking forward to the next book.

A review of Succubus Blues