Book Rant | After by Anna Todd 💔

Hello Bookish Babes! Happy Friday to you all!

We made it to the end of the week and that means I have another book review for you! Actually, hold that thought. I finally… FINALLY got around to reading After by Anna Todd. It’s been on my TBR list for ages and all my close friends have been praying for the day that I finally pick up the book to read it. The time has come friends and I finished this book after (see what I did there) many sleepless nights because I 👏COULD 👏NOT 👏PUT 👏IT DOWN.👏

Because this book is super hyped up (and for good reason) + it is being made into a movie (release date next week, April 12!), I decided to go about this book review a different way. I’ve decided to do a book “rant” and sort of tweet my way through the book. I wrote down all my thoughts as I thought them and I’ve shared them with you today. I hope you enjoy! I’ll be sharing more thoughts on the book on my IG story! Book gossip with me @giselasbooked.

After Book Rant

Gosh I’m getting a sense of foreboding already. Is it just me? 😨

Does Tessa not have GPS on her phone?

Can’t she call an Uber to leave the party?

This guy better have a really good reason why he’s acting all jerky to her.

Really!? You are going to play the jealousy card after you scolded and yelled at her!? 😡

Finally GPS!

Oh gosh arguing over pride and prejudice. Is Hardin like Darcy… probably? What a dick!

This guy thinks very highly of himself but also girl… don’t lie to yourself.

Whoa, um okay twilight moment!? Is Hardin a vampire? (As if you could fight me off! *Edward Cullen voice*)

I’m confused. Is he jealous!?  

That boy Noah is really clueless. Gosh poor puppy.

Of course. Kissing someone while they are yelling at you is a good way to stop the argument and make everything better. *says sarcastically*

I hate myself for swooning. Ughhh my friends would NOT like this. They would not want me to date a guy like this! 😥

Great! There he goes again, f***ing it up!

Well, at least finally vanilla boy is out of the picture. He was kind of boring and annoying. Blahhhh.  💤

Five!?? Why the hell does she get up at 5 a.m. for a 9 a.m. class!??

Tessa and Molly… the way you are acting to each other… not cool.

Image result for mean girls sluts and whores tina fey

Okay, they are happy again and gosh darn it, I hate myself for swooning and being happy too. Rawr! *Alexa play “Drumming Song” by Florence and the Machine.*

He’s funny and adorable… sigh. Why am I like this??

What the hell is up with her mom!? Is she being serious!? Like yeah I mean okay Hardin isn’t the greatest but damn!

Ugh, I feel it. Things are too good. Something bad is going to happen. Like category 5 hurricane bad. Can I hide? Must I keep reading? 😱

Oh no…. Who’s the suit? I smell trouble.

Like the girls from The Bold Type say… There’s a special place in hell for girls who don’t support girls.

No Tessa no. Stay. No. I usually would not advocate listening to Hardin but for once in your life just listen!!!!

Why do you have to say those things Hardin!? Ugh, why do you have to be cute!!!! Stop it! Who gave your permission?

Great. Just like that. Poof. Cranky  moody temperamental childish Hardin.

Acting like a caveman is right. Humph.

Devil worshiper… LMAO. Seriously though what is wrong with her mother? She’s nuts.

When is the shoe going to drop? Can someone buckle me in? I need to brace for impact. 😱

Oh my gosh. Those bastards. They are horrible! WTF.

Who gave these authors permission to make cute guys assholes! So we fall in love with them!? Their outsides should match their insides!! 💔

There you have it bookish babes. I really did enjoy the book despite all my ranting. Anna Todd is a very compelling writer. Her words were just urging me along like the little engine that could. That ending though. I’m so upset and now I have no choice but to read the second book pronto!

Let me know what you all thought of the book. What do you think of Hardin and of Tessa? Are you excited for the movie? I sure am! This story hits a very close to my own personal experience and I may share a bit on another post. Until next time my friends!

Read Something Wonderful & Stay Curious.


Book Review: A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness


“As far as I can tell, there are only two emotions that keep the world spinning, year after year. One is fear. The other is desire.”

I wanted to love this book. I’m so mad at myself for not loving it. Truly, I am, but there were just so many things that made me cringe. It also took me forever to listen to. There were times when I didn’t feel like listening to it, but again I try to give every book a chance.

The only thing that saved this book from earning a 1 or 2 star from me was the setting and some of the storylines (there were many). The story takes place in Oxford (swoon) in a library (swoon x10) and then later in France, and we round it off by ending in the United States. The premise is interesting enough, a scholar finds an ancient manuscript that contains mysteries everyone is trying to get their hands on! That’s like golden adventure status right there! Plus you throw in some vampires and witches and you got magic (haha, pun intended). There is a lot of science behind the creation and idea of vampires, witches, and daemons and it was all super interesting and it was really cool how much time and research the author put into, but… that is probably where the compliments end. Sorry.

Diana and Matthew. *Sigh* I had high hopes for our witch protagonist and vampire protagonist, both who fall in love with each other (I couldn’t help thinking throughout the book how the hell they were going to be with each other in the future when he’s, you know, IMMORTAL). At first, Diana seemed super cool, smart, and independent. She had an interesting tragic story/background. Then, Matthew, the vampire comes around (stalking her, not a great start) with his hyper-masculine self and asserts himself throughout the book to Diana and everyone else (for those of you who read ACOTAR – he reminds me of Tamlin *shivers*). AND THEY JUST ACCEPT IT! Except, Diana’s aunt, Sarah who is probably the only one with her own mind in the book and my only favorite character. It just made me really uncomfortable. I was hoping the whole time that Diana at one point would side with her aunts or defend them, but nope – she was star-eyed over Matthew the whole time and their love story just became kind of cringe-worthy. She even questions herself at several points in the book and is all “he lied to me” or “he kept this from me” or “he is the general of this house.” UM EXCUSE THAT IS YOUR AUNTS HOUSE? And she is just okay with all of that. I think what would have made this more interesting is if he turned out to be a villain, but nope. I also felt bad for Marcus (his son? who Diana then calls her son?! ew.) and him being all under Matthew’s glorious shadow. We hear a bit about Marcus’s background and I think I would rather read a book about him than Matthew, who can’t help but name drop every important person in the history of the Western world.

I really feel like I should stop, friends. I think it only gets worse from here. *sad face* Diana is not a well-rounded character for me. Before anyone gets on me about criticizing unlikable characters, I always appreciate unlikable characters but Diana goes beyond that. She has absolutely nothing to offer the story except that she is the most powerful witch in a long time, but complains about absolutely everything except Matthew. Also, she faints a lot.

Okay, I’m done. I did read that this was going to be made into a T.V. series. I’m hoping that maybe the T.V. writers fix some characters and storylines. This might be one of the only times when I pray that the on screen-adaption is better than the book.

Now the question you might be asking is: Are you planning to read the second book? Well, friends, I am curious about how the story will end and what will happen, but I just can’t bare to listen to more nauseating romance between Matthew and Diana and hear Matthew being his important self. So maybe… in the far far future.


Gisela’s review of Everything, Everything

Spoiler Free Review (YAY!)

First and foremost, Everything Everything warmed my heart! I couldn’t stop smiling at the interactions between the two main characters Maddy and Olly. It was more than I could handle. I usually don’t do too well with cute and fluffy reading, but I think the seriousness of the situation that Maddy was in helped create the perfect balance.

Besides the actual plot of the story (I was getting serious TFIOS flashbacks, BUT IN A GOOD WAY), Nicola Yoon’s writing style is just beautiful. Her words were soothing and lovely and I re-read passages over and over again, because I couldn’t get enough of it. The doodles in between the passages were amazing as well and made it seem more realistic, and the Little Prince references were added another extra layer to the book that I enjoyed.

The ending though, wow, I knew something was up but I did not see that coming!

This story took me on a roller coaster of emotions (cliche, I know, but TRUE!) and I couldn’t put the book down.

FYI – I’m smiling while I write this. 🙂

Gisela’s review of Everything, Everything