Book Rant | After by Anna Todd 💔

Hello Bookish Babes! Happy Friday to you all!

We made it to the end of the week and that means I have another book review for you! Actually, hold that thought. I finally… FINALLY got around to reading After by Anna Todd. It’s been on my TBR list for ages and all my close friends have been praying for the day that I finally pick up the book to read it. The time has come friends and I finished this book after (see what I did there) many sleepless nights because I 👏COULD 👏NOT 👏PUT 👏IT DOWN.👏

Because this book is super hyped up (and for good reason) + it is being made into a movie (release date next week, April 12!), I decided to go about this book review a different way. I’ve decided to do a book “rant” and sort of tweet my way through the book. I wrote down all my thoughts as I thought them and I’ve shared them with you today. I hope you enjoy! I’ll be sharing more thoughts on the book on my IG story! Book gossip with me @giselasbooked.

After Book Rant

Gosh I’m getting a sense of foreboding already. Is it just me? 😨

Does Tessa not have GPS on her phone?

Can’t she call an Uber to leave the party?

This guy better have a really good reason why he’s acting all jerky to her.

Really!? You are going to play the jealousy card after you scolded and yelled at her!? 😡

Finally GPS!

Oh gosh arguing over pride and prejudice. Is Hardin like Darcy… probably? What a dick!

This guy thinks very highly of himself but also girl… don’t lie to yourself.

Whoa, um okay twilight moment!? Is Hardin a vampire? (As if you could fight me off! *Edward Cullen voice*)

I’m confused. Is he jealous!?  

That boy Noah is really clueless. Gosh poor puppy.

Of course. Kissing someone while they are yelling at you is a good way to stop the argument and make everything better. *says sarcastically*

I hate myself for swooning. Ughhh my friends would NOT like this. They would not want me to date a guy like this! 😥

Great! There he goes again, f***ing it up!

Well, at least finally vanilla boy is out of the picture. He was kind of boring and annoying. Blahhhh.  💤

Five!?? Why the hell does she get up at 5 a.m. for a 9 a.m. class!??

Tessa and Molly… the way you are acting to each other… not cool.

Image result for mean girls sluts and whores tina fey

Okay, they are happy again and gosh darn it, I hate myself for swooning and being happy too. Rawr! *Alexa play “Drumming Song” by Florence and the Machine.*

He’s funny and adorable… sigh. Why am I like this??

What the hell is up with her mom!? Is she being serious!? Like yeah I mean okay Hardin isn’t the greatest but damn!

Ugh, I feel it. Things are too good. Something bad is going to happen. Like category 5 hurricane bad. Can I hide? Must I keep reading? 😱

Oh no…. Who’s the suit? I smell trouble.

Like the girls from The Bold Type say… There’s a special place in hell for girls who don’t support girls.

No Tessa no. Stay. No. I usually would not advocate listening to Hardin but for once in your life just listen!!!!

Why do you have to say those things Hardin!? Ugh, why do you have to be cute!!!! Stop it! Who gave your permission?

Great. Just like that. Poof. Cranky  moody temperamental childish Hardin.

Acting like a caveman is right. Humph.

Devil worshiper… LMAO. Seriously though what is wrong with her mother? She’s nuts.

When is the shoe going to drop? Can someone buckle me in? I need to brace for impact. 😱

Oh my gosh. Those bastards. They are horrible! WTF.

Who gave these authors permission to make cute guys assholes! So we fall in love with them!? Their outsides should match their insides!! 💔

There you have it bookish babes. I really did enjoy the book despite all my ranting. Anna Todd is a very compelling writer. Her words were just urging me along like the little engine that could. That ending though. I’m so upset and now I have no choice but to read the second book pronto!

Let me know what you all thought of the book. What do you think of Hardin and of Tessa? Are you excited for the movie? I sure am! This story hits a very close to my own personal experience and I may share a bit on another post. Until next time my friends!

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Gisela’s review of Shadow Kiss

What…. I mean what the actual what?!?!?!?!? What did I just read? Can I just go back to a time where everything was better and my heart wasn’t broken?

First to books were good, enjoyable. This though… My heart was going to explode the last couple of chapters and I swear my blood pressure went up. I can’t say too much because well, I have no coherent thoughts right now. I should probably wait to write this but I need to get it over with so I can start on the next book BECAUSEICANNOTBELIEVEITENDEDTHATWAY!?

What I can say is I am in love with the development of Rose’s character. She is tough and getting smarter in each book. I also really enjoyed how her relationship with Christian evolved from enemies to friends. I had a feeling it would happen sooner or later and it played out really naturally. Also, another enemy turned friend, Mia! I was so happy about that. I really hope she shows up in the other books.

As for Adrien… sighhhhhh I want her to want him, despite how much I love Demetri. Okay, ranty review is done. I’m going to go cry now.

Gisela’s review of Shadow Kiss

Book Rant. | This goes out to the good girls and good boys…


I just finished reading ACOTAR (A Court Of Thorns and Roses) last night and phew and it blew my mind away. Sarah J. Mass is a fantasy goddess and you better believe I’m going to the book store today to grab every book ever written by her. My review last night of ACOTAR was probably more ranting than review but it’s probably because I wrote it as soon as I finished it and my emotions were all over the dang place. 

***STOP! STOP right there. If you have not read ACOTAR yet or have seen any episodes of The Vampire Diaries do not read ahead! There will be spoilers! You have been warn dearie. ***

Back to my rant. In the book ACOTAR it is very clear that it is a retelling of Beauty and Beast (which is one of my favorite disney movie and fairy tale! I mean Belle is totally me right with her head stuck in a book? Right?) but it is such a bad ass interpretation! Tamlin and Feyre fall in love (whoop!) BUT Feyre ends up being the one saving the day! Yeah Tamlin ripped that psycho Fairy’s neck off but only after Feyre completed her tasks AND answered that riddle! Tamil is heroic and brooding and magical and a gentleman, and you can tell that he truly falls in love with Feyre and she truly loves him back. I mean if completing three tasks that were meant to KILL you doesn’t say “I love you” well I don’t know what does. 


Well halfway through the book, or maybe a little more than halfway, along comes Rhysand, and let me tell you I have such mixed feelings about this guy. He is dark and mysterious and a tad bit damaged, and we all know how us humans like to fix things. Rhysand helps Feyre complete her tasks, also healing her when she is wrecked after completing the first two and defending her when the High Psycho Queen was throwing her around and trying to kill her. Feyre dies but is resurrected when all the High Lords come and turn her into a High Fae! Wait. What? Now she is strong and magical and strong! 

Hold on there. Let us go back a bit. In order for Rhysand to help Feyre she had to accept his offer of coming to live with him for one week a month for the rest of her life. 

Ok fast forward to the end when Feyre and Rhysand are talking and he freaks out and leaves. Well thats for another time but Katytastic on YouTube explained this part really well so here is the link for her video

But this is where I am a bit torn. Hence why my first gif was of Stephen Salvatore. You all know him right? Vampire, ripper, all around good guy. Elena and him were amazingly in love. Right? Well when Elena under went an intense transformation and went through vampire puberty, her feelings changed. She fell in love with the baddest of them all (besides Klaus) Damon Salvatore, and half TVD fandom rejoiced, while the other cringed and cried in agony. Stephan did so much for her yet Damon is the one she ended up with. Human Elena loves Stephan, but vamp Elena loves Damon. 


To make a long story short. Feyre has just underwent Fae puberty. And I’m just going to leave it at that, and hope for the best in the next book. (Which I hope comes out very soon…)

In all honesty I know the allure that bad guys and girls give. I’ve been there done that. Bad guys have a certain thing about them that just traps you. But I also know how it is to be the “noble” one, because I am loyal and caring to a fault. 😦 I know how it is to be cast aside for the better and badder model of yourself. I love Tamlin and Feyre and I really hope it works out in the end, even though I can see the definite attraction of Rhysand I just know that he is also going to cause a lot of trouble. This goes for the good boys and girls out there.