a review of Queen of Hearts

Queen of Hearts of is a retelling/origin story of the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland, but in this story we see the Queen of Hearts, Dinah start off as the Princess of Hearts who lives in the kingdom of Wonderland, ruled by her brutal father, the King of Hearts. And when I say brutal he is brutal. Power hungry, controlling ruler; everyone lives in fear of of him, including Dinah.

From the beginning of the story, I can immediately see why Dinah is a bit bitter; the King of Hearts has no regard for her. Atually I will even go as far as to say he hates her. At first I thought that maybe he just disliked her and was upset that his son a.k.a Charles, a.k.a the Mad Hatter, is… well, mad. But no the king hates Dinah with a passion. He either ignores her or throws all his rage at her. Besides the king’s anger, something else is brewing in Wonderland. Secrets and some sort of plot is happening, and someone wants to warn Dinah and let her know.

Dinah of course is growing up and she can be somewhat of a brat in the beginning of the book, but I mean you see who her father is? This also makes me question whether she will really turn evil (we know she might) or if she already has the tendency to turn evil, even before the events of the book happen. But she does try to figure out what is going on and I give her that credit. I love a flawed character.

Also, might I add that I love love LOVE her brother Charles, the Mad hatter.

This story is definitely a darker retelling/origin story than the original story, even though I already belive the Alice in Wonderland is a pretty dark story when you think of it. Whispers in the night and crazed dreams. I read some parts at night and got creeped out. Dinah’s character evolved throughout the book, and she gained my sympathy. I really thought the book was going one way, and then I got pulled in the complete diffefrent direction!! Some people may see it coming, but I didn’t.

Overall Colleeng Oakes created this perfectly vivid wonderland and I’m so sad I have to wait another year for the next book.

a review of Queen of Hearts

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a review of Reason to Breathe

I listened to the audio-book (the second one I’ve listened to in my life) and wow, just wow. I’m still left speechless with this book. I’m trying to form coherent thoughts and sentences but my mind is sickened by the whole idea of this book and it’s taken me to a world I never thought I would visit. I don’t think a book has ever made me feel sick to my stomach before. Literally (and I use the term correctly here), literally sick to my stomach. Not to get too graphic here, but I thought I was going to throw up a couple times when I read what would happen to Emma.

The actual audio-book was great. Listening was a whole other experience, I didn’t even think would add to the story. I’ve never felt so involved with the story and characters. I kept finding myself making expressions and gasping out loud when certain things would happen.

The ending is what got me, and I felt like I couldn’t breathe towards the end. Honestly this book left me messed up, but I believe it would be important for people to read it, if only to leave with an understanding that they might have not had before. My heart goes out to anyone who has ever had to experience what Emma did.

a review of Reason to Breathe