💕Lit Chicks | A Princess In Theory By Alyssa Cole

Hi Bookish Babes!

I hope April treated you fantastic! This month we read a very steamy royal read: A Princess In Theory by Alyssa Cole, which left us wishing we could be whisked away by a gentlemanly prince from some far off land. *Sigh*

The book was funny and entertaining and had so many amazing female relationships! Also, shout out to our women in STEM!

Carla and I hope you enjoyed reading this month’s pick or if you haven’t read it yet, you get enticed to add yet ANOTHER book to your TBR pile.

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Book Review | The Silence of the Girls by Pat Barker

Hello bookish friends!

I hope you discovered something new this week. Although the week isn’t over yet, so there is still plenty of time to learn something new. This week’s book review is on The Silence of The Girls by Pat Barker.

“The defeated go down in history and disappear, and their stories die with them.”

The Silence of the Girls

I’ve probably mentioned this a few times, but re-tellings are some of my favorite stories to read. Hearing from the point of view of a side character in an otherwise well-known tale gives such fresh perspective. It’s also a way to find out about how the other characters and people lived, or what could have happened if they would have had more say. The Silence of The Girls is a re-telling of The Iliad (Trojan War) from the point of view of Briseis, one of the former queens of the many kingdoms in Troy, whose kingdom is conquered by the one and only Achilles. And OH MY GOSH, my heart was breaking into a million pieces just imagining how the women and children were being treated.

They’re the warriors, with their helmets and armour, their swords and spears, and they don’t seem to see our battles– or prefer not to. Perhaps if they realized we’re not the gentle creatures they take us for their own peace of mind would be disturbed?”

The Silence of the Girls

If any of you ever read the Iliad or taken a Humanities course on classicism or Greek mythology, or even watched the Brad Pitt version of Troy, then you KNOW how this story ends. Despite that, while reading I was honestly at the edge of my seat. I knew what was going to happen but because it was Briseis telling the story (and at some points Achilles and Patroclus), the story was fresh and enlightening. There were times when I doubted what would happen. There is a lot of foreshadowing on Achilles part, and at times I felt as Briseis did, conflicted. I wanted to feel bad for Achilles, and at times I did. But remember these are women who were ripped from their homes, abused of, and treated as things with no thoughts or feelings. I was torn from being able to fully grieve the Greek warriors and despising them. This makes the story all the more real though and makes us really think how history is told throughout time.

“Looking back, it seemed to me I’d been trying to escape not just from the camp, but from Achilles’s story; and I’d failed. Because, make no mistake, this was his story– his anger, his grief, his story. I was angry, I was grieving, but somehow that didn’t matter. Here I was, again, waiting for Achilles to decide when it was time for bed, still trapped, still stuck inside his story, and yet with no real part to play in it.”

The Silence of the Girls

Who is telling the story matters because the person telling the story paints it with the colors that they personally saw and experienced, not the person next to them. Lin Manuel had a point in the song “Who Tells Your Story” as Briseis says many times in her narrative as well. She realizes many times that the women who experienced the war, it will never be their story, it will be Achilles, or Odysseus, or even the scumbag Agememnon. This is why these stories are so important. The women and children suffered, immensely and although this is fictional, it isn’t any less real. We need to hear the other sides story if we are ever going to be able to paint a picture of an event fully.

“What will people make of us, the people of those unimaginable distant ties? One thing I do know: they won’t want the brutal reality of conquest and slavery. They won’t want to be told about the massacres of men and boys, the enslavement of women and girls. They won’t want to know we were living in a rape camp. No, they’ll go for something altogether softer. A love story, perhaps? I just hope they manage to work out who the lovers were.”

The Silence of the Girls

Despite the agony and the utter hopelessness of the situation, the women are resilient. They are strong in the only ways they know how to be. I highly recommend this book. I’m probably going to add it to my Top Shelf books because I believe it will be one I turn to time and time again.

Until next time my bookish friends.

Read Something Wonderful & Stay Curious.

Book Rant | After by Anna Todd 💔

Hello Bookish Babes! Happy Friday to you all!

We made it to the end of the week and that means I have another book review for you! Actually, hold that thought. I finally… FINALLY got around to reading After by Anna Todd. It’s been on my TBR list for ages and all my close friends have been praying for the day that I finally pick up the book to read it. The time has come friends and I finished this book after (see what I did there) many sleepless nights because I 👏COULD 👏NOT 👏PUT 👏IT DOWN.👏

Because this book is super hyped up (and for good reason) + it is being made into a movie (release date next week, April 12!), I decided to go about this book review a different way. I’ve decided to do a book “rant” and sort of tweet my way through the book. I wrote down all my thoughts as I thought them and I’ve shared them with you today. I hope you enjoy! I’ll be sharing more thoughts on the book on my IG story! Book gossip with me @giselasbooked.

After Book Rant

Gosh I’m getting a sense of foreboding already. Is it just me? 😨

Does Tessa not have GPS on her phone?

Can’t she call an Uber to leave the party?

This guy better have a really good reason why he’s acting all jerky to her.

Really!? You are going to play the jealousy card after you scolded and yelled at her!? 😡

Finally GPS!

Oh gosh arguing over pride and prejudice. Is Hardin like Darcy… probably? What a dick!

This guy thinks very highly of himself but also girl… don’t lie to yourself.

Whoa, um okay twilight moment!? Is Hardin a vampire? (As if you could fight me off! *Edward Cullen voice*)

I’m confused. Is he jealous!?  

That boy Noah is really clueless. Gosh poor puppy.

Of course. Kissing someone while they are yelling at you is a good way to stop the argument and make everything better. *says sarcastically*

I hate myself for swooning. Ughhh my friends would NOT like this. They would not want me to date a guy like this! 😥

Great! There he goes again, f***ing it up!

Well, at least finally vanilla boy is out of the picture. He was kind of boring and annoying. Blahhhh.  💤

Five!?? Why the hell does she get up at 5 a.m. for a 9 a.m. class!??

Tessa and Molly… the way you are acting to each other… not cool.

Image result for mean girls sluts and whores tina fey

Okay, they are happy again and gosh darn it, I hate myself for swooning and being happy too. Rawr! *Alexa play “Drumming Song” by Florence and the Machine.*

He’s funny and adorable… sigh. Why am I like this??

What the hell is up with her mom!? Is she being serious!? Like yeah I mean okay Hardin isn’t the greatest but damn!

Ugh, I feel it. Things are too good. Something bad is going to happen. Like category 5 hurricane bad. Can I hide? Must I keep reading? 😱

Oh no…. Who’s the suit? I smell trouble.

Like the girls from The Bold Type say… There’s a special place in hell for girls who don’t support girls.

No Tessa no. Stay. No. I usually would not advocate listening to Hardin but for once in your life just listen!!!!

Why do you have to say those things Hardin!? Ugh, why do you have to be cute!!!! Stop it! Who gave your permission?

Great. Just like that. Poof. Cranky  moody temperamental childish Hardin.

Acting like a caveman is right. Humph.

Devil worshiper… LMAO. Seriously though what is wrong with her mother? She’s nuts.

When is the shoe going to drop? Can someone buckle me in? I need to brace for impact. 😱

Oh my gosh. Those bastards. They are horrible! WTF.

Who gave these authors permission to make cute guys assholes! So we fall in love with them!? Their outsides should match their insides!! 💔

There you have it bookish babes. I really did enjoy the book despite all my ranting. Anna Todd is a very compelling writer. Her words were just urging me along like the little engine that could. That ending though. I’m so upset and now I have no choice but to read the second book pronto!

Let me know what you all thought of the book. What do you think of Hardin and of Tessa? Are you excited for the movie? I sure am! This story hits a very close to my own personal experience and I may share a bit on another post. Until next time my friends!

Read Something Wonderful & Stay Curious.


💕Lit Chicks | The Kiss Quotient by Helen Hoang

Hi Bookish Babes!

I hope Friday is treating you beautifully! Carla and I are back again with another Lit Chicks video!

This month we read The Kiss Quotient by Helen Hoang and we absolutely adore this book! 😍 So much cuteness and so much freaking steam! *wipes sweat from forehead* Even Carla was like “Whoa.” 😅 But fear not! This book has so many lovely lessons of self-love too, we were goo-goo ga-ga over it.

We hope you loved the book too! If you read it, message us and let us know what you loved most about the book.

Make sure you join us every month for a new romance read. If you have any suggestions please send them our way! You can comment on our video or message us directly via our Instagram @litchickvlog. 

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Carla & Gisela

Book Review | The Lady From The Black Lagoon

Hi Bookish Friends!

I’m writing to you from my sick bed. It has been my intention to write this review days ago, but I was struck with a cold/fever for the past couple of days. I finally gave up and took a day off which in turn gave me some time to lay around, contemplate life, and also write this review. So without further ado, here it finally is… The Lady From The Black Lagoon!

For anybody who also happens to follow me on Instagram, you would have seen me post endless quotes from this book. The Lady From The Black Lagoon by Mallory O’Meara tells the story of Mallory, a producer, and screenwriter on her quest to find out more about Milicent Patrick, one of Walt Disney’s first female animators and designer of the monster from The Creature from the Black Lagoon (phew, that’s a mouthful). Now, full disclaimer, when you are reading this book, it will not only be a history of Milicent Patrick but also of the author’s process of finding this information and experience in the film industry as well. Some people will not like that. I found that it added more dimension to the story.

We learn that Milicent was one of the first female Disney animators, although she had claimed sometimes to being the first, and helped animate scenes in the classic Fantasia. So many of us grew up watching Fantasia, myself included, but we never really appreciate the time and art that goes into making films such as those. O’Meara goes over the process in detail and wow, I wanted to stop reading and watch the film and see if I can point out what was Milicent’s work. Which I did. I looked it up on gold ol’ YouTube. It really is a work of art, and if you haven’t watched it in a long time, it’s worth it. But it does make me sad that Milicent, along with other female animators and artists, never got their credit.

Not only does O’Meara speak about Milicent’s life and how it came to be that she got no credit for her part in the film industry, but she goes over many truths that are still prevalent today. For most of history, men have taken control of almost every facet of society, the film industry included. It’s only until recently that women are saying #TimesUp to all the injustice. Just how now we are giving voices to the countless women in the film industry, O’Meara attempts to do the same to Milicent. She wasn’t perfect, or extraordinary, but she loved art and films and wanted to be a part of that. Because of over-egotistical men (one man in particular), her name was wiped out, and she stayed quiet as so many women do.

Don’t go into this book expecting concrete answers and a full-on biography of Milicent. We get most of her life, yes, but we also get truth-bomb as to why things get hidden and how we can help.

Until next time.

Read Something Wonder & Stay Curious


Book Review|Work Wife by Erica Cerulo & Claire Mazur 👯

Happy Tuesday Bookish Babes!

I hope you are all having a brilliant Tuesday so far and have so many good things that will happen to you this week! The book I’m going to write about today is one that I have been super excited for a long time, Work Wife by Erica Cerulo and Claire Mazur who are the founders of the website Of A Kind. Full disclaimer, I don’t know too much about their website. I’ve only seen it in passing, but it doesn’t take away from the fact that they give so much great and practical advice in this book.

Times are changing my friends and for the better. In Work Wife, Erica and Claire talk about the benefits of creating partnerships between female colleagues and friends and how we only become stronger for it. I know first hand how damaging it is when we feed into the lie that women are “catty” towards one another and how it’s in our nature to be competitive. BUT THAT IS JUST NOT THE CASE LADIES! We are beautiful, powerful, brilliant, vulnerable human beings and it is these willingness to be vulnerable in many aspects of our lives that make working together so enriching.

Erica and Claire don’t just give advice, they back it up with research and case studies, going over many different female partnerships in a variety of industries, to show that it can work. That it DOES work. They how the foundations of what is already in us, help guide us to make better business decisions and form lasting and evolving companies. So many times we read these business books and they have decent advice, but sometimes it’s dry and can’t be applied to our lives. No, not with Work Wife. It left me invigorating and ready to collaborate with the female powerhouses I have around me.

From picking your work wife, to handling finances together, to how to get through disagreements, Erica and Claire go through it all with the help of so many amazing women. 💖

Until next time bookish babes!

Read something wonderful and stay curious,


Miracle in the Mundane | “Tourist in Your Own Town.” 🌞

Hello my lovely bookish friends,

I hope you are all having a magical Tuesday so far! A couple of weeks ago TarcherPerigee Press reached out and was kind of enough to send me a copy of Tyler Knott Gregson’s new book Miracle in the Mundane and I was beyond honored (and flipping excited). For any who follow me on Instagram know that I enjoy reading poetry on a daily basis. It’s a small way to add some beautiful words or thoughts to your day. Tyler Knott Gregson has captivated and touched so many people with his typewriter poetry, myself included. But in Miracle in the Mundane we don’t just get poetry, Gregson challenges us to look beyond ourselves and challenges us to look at the beauty around us and be mindful of it.

There are so many brilliant challenges in the book. My wandering heart was called immediately to the “Be a tourist in your own town” challenge. I called my cousin up, and we took it upon ourselves to explore a part of town we haven’t been to in a while, Historic Sanford, Florida. This part of Central Florida reminds me so much of one of my favorite cities, Savannah in Georgia but SO MUCH CLOSER TO ME. It’s full of gorgeous old homes and plenty of restaurants and local breweries. Now, we originally had plans to go see a play, but when we decided to slow down and enjoy lunch and take our time, we ended up doing things we usually never do: ran into friends at a local indie market, had refreshing drinks on a hot winter day (the kind of winter you can only get in Florida), and had an amazing lunch at a German restaurant. It was absolutely lovely.

The day started with some much-needed lunch at Hollerbach’s Willow Tree Cafe, a little slice of Germany in Florida. Although I have been to this cafe before, my cousin never has so it was a lot of fun trying out the food with her for the first time. The crowd is so friendly and it was definitely busy but we found a spot real quick. They had live music and we were lucky enough to sit right in front of the musician!

I treated my cousin to some Kleiner Feigling which is a fig schnapps and so DELICIOUS AND SWEET. It goes down way too easy (haha). We cheered to the beautiful weather and to the hearty lunch we were about to have.

We walked around the neighborhood and there were so many people outside on their wide porches enjoying the weather! We passed by this beautiful house and my cousin convinced me to take a picture in front of me. I was kind of nervous at first because… well… people live there. But everyone was friendly and just waved at us! Seriously, guys, it was so cute and looks so much like Savannah! All the houses are different shapes and colors, flags billowing in the breeze, with plenty of yard and porches to entertain. I want to buy a house and move here and have a drink in my hand and wave to people too!

We obviously are not good at taking pictures but oh well!

After lunch and walking around a bit, a friend saw that I was in Sanford from my Instagram and let me know that there was the Sanford Indie Market that day, RIGHT DOWN THE STREET. I looked at my cousin and was like “shall we?” We met up with one of my friends, Nihan who had a booth that day. She makes harem pants from reclaimed fabrics in Turkey (where she is from) and also makes head scarfs and jewelry! You can check out some of the things she makes here! My cousin bought a scarf that looks so pretty on her and I bought sunglasses straps. Everything is made so beautifully and delicately. There were also a lot of other vendors there with so many cool handmade things! We ran into a group that had turned a trailer into a photo booth and we took our picture. They are called Rutledge Photo Co. and they had a lot of cool props to play around with!

It was indeed a magical, tiring, but serendipitous day. We cooled off with some drinks at Celery City Craft and couldn’t help but smile. Thank you to Tyler Knott Gregson for pushing us to seek beauty where usually think there is none.

Until next time friends!

Read something wonderful and stay curious…

xo, Gisela