A Month of Bookish Love | My Oxford Year

Hello Bookish Babes! I hope everyone is having a beautiful February so far!

Although February is notoriously known as the month of love, or Valentine’s or whatever, not everyone has a special someone. Which is completely okay! But why not spend this month with a true love that will never leave you? Yes, obviously I’m talking about books *nervous laughs.*

This month I’ve decided to share with you four books that I turn to often and that I absolutely adore. It was really hard to choose just four (But also, some of my favorites are out on loan to a couple of friends. I’m generous, what can I say). At the end of the month, I’ll list all the other romance books I adore so that you have plenty to chose from!

First on the list is My Oxford Year by Julia Whelan and friends… this book is lovely. We find Ella Duran a Rhodes Scholar traveling to Oxford to study for a semester. There she humorously bumps into some local guy but later finds out that he will be her literature professor. Sometimes those corny meet-cutes don’t work, but this one works. Of course professor, Jamie Davenport is a swoony intellectual and I couldn’t help falling in love with him from the get-go. Whoever says love, at first sight, doesn’t exist obviously hasn’t fallen in love with a fictional character.

Ella and Jamie’s fling turns into something more, as they exchange absolutely hilarious witty banter at each other, heartbreaking secrets are revealed, and life throws all the lemons at them. Fair warning, I sobbed at least a few times reading this book and when I finished it I was a wreck, but in the best way possible. My Oxford Year made me believe not only in the power of love between two people but between family and friends. There is a cast of characters that Ella meets during her time at Oxford and they are so endearing that I wanted to put them in my pocket and keep them forever. Ella herself is also a character. She stands up for what she believes in, doesn’t take shit, and we see her grow into an even more remarkable person. She begins to love Jamie, but that doesn’t change who she fundamentally is. I LOVE that.

Anyone who needs a bit of adventure, romance, and maybe shed a tear or two… My Oxford Year is for you.

The last thing I’ll share is a poem that Jamie writes for Ella who claims to only want a fling, but it ends up being one of the most romantic parts in the book. I still turn it it every so often when I need a bit of Ella and Jamie magic.

Hot Chocolate

Will you let your bindings


Blindly for eternity?

Or will you snip the

Rotted lines,

‘Fore they be snipped for you?

Be back next week with another bookish love. Don’t mind me… just got a leak in my eye.

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