Book Review | My Sister, the Serial Killer by Oyinkan Braithwaite

“…we are hardwired to protect and remain loyal to the people we love. Besides, no one is innocent in this world.”

This cover is everything guys. i mean how could you not want to read this?

My Sister, the Serial Killer is… wow, how do I put it… different but interesting. At first glance, you think you are about to read another standard mystery novel (nothing against them though), but what you get is two deeply complex characters and the way familial ties forever bind us, no matter how much we yearn to be set free.

We are introduced to Korede, the older sister who is deemed responsible, uptight, and unlikable to everyone, and then Ayoola, the younger sister who’s looks and personality are alluring to every man she comes in contact with. There is a problem though. As the title suggests there is a killer in the family and it happens to be Ayoola – not a spoiler alert. She kills her boyfriends and her big sister, neat freak Korede comes to the rescue to clean up the mess… every time.

Although not a traditional murder mystery-ish “girl” book, the pace of the plot had me finishing the book in one day (although I think most people would because it is also a very short book with short chapters). I HAD to keep reading to find out if the sisters would get caught and if the book would end the way I thought it would… in tragedy.

I title this “Cousin takes picture of book crime scene. Gisela becomes a killer.

Friends… I definitely felt for Korede. I’m not a big sister, I’m a little sister in my family, but I could feel the bitterness and hurt every time Korede wished to be free of her family’s antics and drama but was pulled in due to obligation. I wondered the entire time, just like Korede ponders throughout the book, why the hell is Ayoola killing these men? She says it’s self-defense, but is there more to it than that? We catch glimpses of the girls upbringing throughout the story and little by little we understand the why. We also see how the different characters in the book perceive the men scattered throughout the story. Some of the men are pure victims in the women’s eyes, but Ayoola who seems like she doesn’t even really care sees them for who they really are and for what they truly (and sadly) want – just a pretty face. Our girl, Ayoola gives them what they want, but it comes with a price.

I’m not so sure how I felt about the very end of the book, though. I won’t say because it would give things away, but it left me wanting more. The book moved forward very quickly and then… I was like “THAT’S IT?!” Despite that, My Sister, the Serial Killer is still definitely worth the read.

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