Book Review | Dating You Hating You by Christina Lauren

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“I think I”m only now starting to realize how hard it must be to be a woman. Too thin or not thin enough. Do your job flawlessly, but don’t show up any of the men. Speak up, but don’t be bitchy. Smile.”

Somehow they always do it. Christina Lauren – they are always able to write a completely hilarious, fun, and sexy story while still weaving an important lesson or situation that people should be aware of. In Dating You Hating You, our players are Evelyn and Carter both who work for talent agencies in Los Angeles. They both meet a mutual friends costume party (obviously have been set up) and really feel their connection. They have the same sense of humor, are both really kind and civil to each other, so of course, they are attracted to each other and end up going on a date and well… hooking up.😉

Hijinx ensues when the agency that Evelyn works for takes over Carter’s agency and they now find themselves not only working together but competing for the same position thanks to their seriously horrendous and misogynist of a boss, Brad (yuck).🤮 Anything that can go wrong, goes wrong and they resort to old school pranks on each other through the book, which I found absolutely hilarious! Don’t get the pranks wrong though, they are also in the deep in with their feelings for each other and have to grapple without to work out their chemistry and still be focused on the competitive nature of their job.

Friends, I laughed out loud with this book. Carter is super cute and funny and I know that if I met a guy like him in person, I would totally fall as hard as Evelyn did. He has flaws though and I like that about him because it doesn’t make him the perfect guy. And Evelyn is what I aspire to be in a workplace – cool, focused, and brilliant BUT she doesn’t shy away from her insecurities either, she makes her insecurities work for her and she totally excels.

Now the real issue that the book showcases (which I think is very important) just how unfair it can be for women in the workplace when compared to men. Christina Lauren point this issue out many times by showing that some men do get paid more than women, even if they have been there less time. Or how their horrible boss, Brad clearly favors the men in the company and gives them perks that he doesn’t dole out to the women. Even the language that is used to describe Carter’s work persona (confident) is different then when they describe Evie (intimidating), and THAT HAPPENS ALL THE TIME PEOPLE. We naturally perceive a woman and man’s confidence differently.

I can probably go on and on about that subject, Friends but I won’t. There are plenty of studies and statistics out there for those who wish to research more on the subject. For now, if you want a funny and relatable book to read, try picking up Dating You Hating! If you already read it, let me know! ❤

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