“Fictitious Trash” a.k.a. Romance Novels


Happy Friday, Friends!

I have a blog but I also follow other blogs and one of them that I absolutely adore, Two Nerdy History Girls (go follow them if you love all things history!) posted about a pastor in the late 1800’s warning against the dangers of reading novels, specifically of the romantic nature. Another warning was also given by another man:

“I have seen a young lady with her table loaded with volumes of fictitious trash, poring day after day and night after night over highly wrought scenes and skillfully portrayed pictures of romance, until her cheeks grew pale, her eyes became wild and restless, and her mind wandered and was lost – the light of intelligence passed behind a cloud, and her soul was forever benighted. She was insane, incurably insane from reading novels.”

I don’t know about you, friends, but reading sounds like an amazing way to go. My feelings could have gone one of two ways, anger (and oh I was angry), but instead, I decided to laugh and then I got with my cousin, Carla, and we decided to show this book snob a piece of our minds with us becoming the Lit Chicks! 💕

We decided to take this love affair of books up a notch, and spread this diseased love of books we have with the world! We will be “wild” and we will be “restless” and we will be “incurably insane” for this romance books and no one shall stop us!

So please join us every month on Youtube as we discuss and swoon over different romance books. Below is our first video talking about Josh and Hazel’s Guide to Not Dating. Check it out and let me know what other romance books you would like us to cover! Love you all! 📚💖


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