Book Review: Evidence of the Affair by Taylor Jenkins Reid

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“Protect your happiness at all costs.” 

Evidence of the Affair is a short story by Taylor Jenkins Reid, but friends, this short story is full of everything that makes Taylor’s books so moving and in only a few pages. The short story is composed of letters exchanged between two people, Carrie and David, who have found out that their spouses are having (and continue to have) an affair. The more that is revealed about the nature of the affair between their spouses the more Carrie and David feel alone but also… it brings them together and they form a bond that both heals them.

Friends, this was beautiful. It’s so short! You can finish it in an hour but the impact it had on me…

“I needed so badly to see that regardless of whether I could carry a child, I was still me, still worth something.” 

Throughout the book, Carrie is confronted with the “fact” (and I put quotation marks because well, you’ll see) that she can’t have a child. Her doctor tells her that it is all her fault. Her husband says that she is useless and can’t do the one thing she is made to do. I should point out that this book takes place in the 1970’s but these are situations that women still find themselves in- situations where they are questioning their worth.

All the time, I hear women around me who say the same thing “I can’t even do the ONE thing I’m meant to do.” “I’ve tried for so long and I’m hopeless.” Now, I never want to discredit anyone’s feelings, but imagine to someone that does not want kids or does not have kids yet? Are they worthless because they have no child?

Am I worthless?

No, you aren’t and no I’m not. Having a child is a beautiful thing, but my life isn’t any less fulfilled then yours because I don’t have a kid.

Thank you, Taylor Jenkins Reid, for pointing out the obvious and letting us know that we were made for so many different things in this one insanely unpredictable life.

“All is not lost. There is still beauty out there, still unexpected wonders.”

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