Book Review: Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan

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“Remember, every treasure comes at a price.” 

If I could say only one sentence about this book it would be, “Gossip Girl New York socialites have NOTHING on Crazy Rich Asians.” I already knew I was in for a delicious read the moment I opened up the book and a family tree was presented with notes such as a gossipy cousin called “Radio One Asia” or “that aunt that got the facelift.” That family tree was also extremely helpful because the whole book is filled with multiple points of view from different family members.

If you go into this thinking you will only read about Rachu Chu and Nick Young, then you may be disappointed. But the multiple points of views really helped to get to know the personalities of the characters. None of the characters were flat or unnecessary and made the story come to life and allow the reader looking in, to fully understand the complexity of the Asian Elite culture.

From the first few chapters I was laughing out loud (and not the text LOL, the actually hold my belly laughing). Kevin Kwan did not hold back when showcasing the culture of the elite and if anything I felt completely involved as the plot unraveled and Rachel’s life got turned upside down.

The author also inserted (hilarious) footnotes throughout the book which allows almost any reader that has not been exposed to Asian culture to keep reading the book and enjoy all the antics the family members find themselves in. Thankfully, my good friend from Hong Kong that read along with me helped me to understand anything I wanted to know more about!

I’m looking forward to reading the next books in the series and watching the movie!

Side Note: Warning! This book will make you hungry. I think I salivated throughout the book with the delicious descriptions of the food. I asked my friend to take me out to eat good Asian food pronto! 


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