Book Review: The Pisces by Melissa Broder


“When we imagine a situation – when our hearts decide this must happen – we will go to any lengths to make the fantasy happen.”

I finished this book in two days! I finished on the 8th early, so early, in the morning because I could not put it down. As so many other reviewers have mentioned, this book is not for everyone so a little disclaimer, if you hate this book, you may not like this review…

We find ourselves with Lucy, a Ph.D. student working on a thesis about Sappho who finds herself breaking up from a guy she has been comfortable with for the past 8 years but doesn’t really love the guy, just the idea of him. After a breakup, she finds herself in California housesitting and dogsitting for her sister. This is where it gets interesting. She meets a merman, friends! Yes, that is correct, a living breathing merman.

But hold on friends, this book is so much more than the impossible love between a human and mystical creature. Lucy struggles with depression and anxiety and probably a whole host of problems- it’s her journey through these emotions that really captured my attention. She is fully aware of the void and the darkness in her and she struggles throughout the book on how to deal with it. She searches for love, like so many of us, in a variety of places – people, experiences, donuts (yes she eats a bunch of donuts). Many people mention her being unlikeable as a character, but I just couldn’t find something not to like about her. She is just a woman struggling with the affliction of life.

Since Lucy is working on a thesis about Sappho, the book is filled with Greek myths and thoughts on how the gods interact with humans and how they relate to us. Despite the serious nature of the book, I was laughing out LOUD, friends. I would consider this book a “dramady”, because some of Lucy’s antics, her friends’ words, and a lot of moments that I could relate to as a female was freaking hilarious. Be ready for a lot of women bodily fluids being mentioned.

I was extremely happy with the ending. I won’t give it away, but I loved Lucy’s ultimate decision. It was heartfelt, tender, and I sobbed like a baby.

“Now I knew he was the one who had brought the darkness. I felt that I didn’t have to be afraid anymore. The gloom wasn’t coming from me. I was still responsible for him but not or the atmosphere. So many times I had tried to fix things, peoples feelings, the shifting moods of men, by adjusting my own behavior. But in this case, it was beyond me.”


Let me know if you have read The Pisces because I have way too many feelings about it!

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