Book Review: The Summer Wives by Beatriz Williams

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“Of course you don’t forget. But you cross that bridge and you can’t cross back to where you stood before. You keep marching, that’s all you can do.”

The darkest of secrets, betrayals, forbidden romance, and MURDER. What else can you expect or want when you put together a cast of unruly characters on a secluded island in summer. My second Beatriz William novel and I AM OBSESSED.

The story centers around Miranda and her interactions amongst the higher class summer vacationers, and the year-rounder islanders who serve them. Miranda’s mother marries into a higher class family in 1951 and what ensues is a clash as the two classes collide (that’s a tongue twister). Miranda must consolidate her growing feelings for the son of a fisherman whilst balancing the act of a new society girl, a role she never thought she would play. There are three storylines – Miranda in 1951 when she first arrives on the island, 1969 when Miranda returns to the island after 18 YEARS, and 1930 from the point of view of Bianca, a young Portuguese girl who has so much more to do with the story than you first believe.

Friends, I got through the first half of the book in one night because I 👏could👏 not 👏put👏 it 👏down.👏 You would think you would get confused with so many storylines but no, Williams crafted a seamless story that had me at the edge of my seat as secret after secret is revealed. Williams was able to tap into the nitty gritty emotions and the relationships that bind us no matter how much we yearn to break free and the main protagonist, Miranda was my absolute favorite, a real “star in the sky.” Class does play a major role in this book, and it’s interesting to see how the characters interact with each other despite the social divides.

Side Note: The Shakespeare quotes sprinkled throughout the novel were brilliant. I’m no Shakespeare expert but I can enjoy the bard. 

My written words don’t do justice for how I feel about this book. I was left speechless last night at 1:00 in the morning.

“Promise me something,” he said. “Don’t ever let them keep you down. “Those bastards, don’t let them change you.”

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If you’ve read The Summer Wives or any other book by Beatriz Williams, let me know and we can fangirl together because my heart is so full right now!

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