Book Review: The Last Mrs. Parrish by Liv Constantine


Just when you thought you knew who your friends were…

Side Note: As with suspense/mystery/thriller books I never give much away in my reviews. I don’t want to spoil it for you since this books are so easy to spoil when writing or speaking about them. Expect the bare minimum here!

Lets set the scene – Amber is poor and power hungry. Daphne Parrish is the trophy wife to Jackson Parrish, a bazillionaire (at least that’s what I think the way they kept describing him as). Amber wants what Daphne has and what ensues is of Alice in Wonderland proportions…

I was very surprised by how much I enjoyed The Last Mrs. Parrish. When beginning the audiobook, I had a hard time understanding what Amber’s motive was. I just kept getting upset at every single thing that she did and yelling alone in my car, “WHY DOESN’T ANYONE SEE THROUGH THIS GIRL!” She’s manipulative, narcissistic, cunning – all things you want in a villain. BUT with that being said, all I’m going to say is keep reading and I think you will be pleasantly surprised. Or possibly angrily surprised as I was.

As for the other characters I had my suspicions about them and I was proven correct about one. Part One is Amber’s point of view and Part Two is Daphne’s, so you will be able to get both women’s perspective which makes it very interesting.

If you have read The Last Mrs. Parrish and want to fangirl with me about it, reach out!!! 

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