Gisela’s review of The Cafe by the Sea (Summer Seaside Kitchen, #1)

I was on the fence about giving it a 4 but I don’t really believe it deserves a 3, so just pretend that it is a 3.5. The first few chapters are a bit boring, and I couldn’t get through some of the details, BUT it definitely picks up and the rest of the book was a breeze to get through!

The Cafe by the Sea was the type of book I needed after reading many “serious” books (and currently listening to another serious read that is breaking my heart). We go on a journey with Flora, who is freaking hilarious, from her adopted home of London to her home on an island long off the coast of Scotland called Mure. What follows is a story about finding out where you belong, the ties that will forever bind us, and discovering long hidden passions. Seriously though, I wanted to eat everything Flora baked or cooked in the book!! Side Note: The author includes a few recipes in the back, which I’m super eager to try out!

I’m also a sucker for anything folklore or mythical related. This book had it’s fair share of selkie and sprite stories!

“You can live in many different places. I would like to think you will step into many different worlds, many different places, and feel happy in all of them.”

Gisela’s review of The Cafe by the Sea (Summer Seaside Kitchen, #1)

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