Gisela’s review of Roomies

“What will I feel when I think of these times? Will I think, Wow, those were the hardest days, trying to figure out who I was? Or will I think, Those days were so easy and free, with so little responsibility?”

Christina Lauren has been killing it with stories. Absolutely, positively killing it. Everything about this story I loved, the plot, the setting, and most of all the characters. Holland is one of the brightest, goofy, and personable characters I’ve had the pleasure of reading. Her anxieties and hopes mirror many 20-somethings- ”What will I do with my life?“ "Am I going to be able to pursue my passion?” “Can I be there for the ones I love?” “Is this friend still good for me?” “Should I take this opportunity?” So many questions Holland asked herself, I ask myself on a daily basis.

It was also a breath of fresh air that the female protagonist took her time to evaluate her feelings before diving headfirst back into a relationship. I love swoon-worthy moments where the guy does a dramatic grand gesture. I’m always for it, but it was lovely to see Holland become her own woman and discover who she is first. That made the chemistry and relationship with Calvin so much more authentic to me! They were adorable.

ALSO, her uncles are the absolute cutest!!!!!!!!

Gisela’s review of Roomies

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