Gisela’s review of Love and Other Words

By far one of my favorite romance books ever! I always enjoy Christina Lauren’s books- they are good books to read when I need a break from a lot of my serious reading. But Love and Other Words gripped me from the very beginning and took me all the way back to the feels I felt in high school.

Told in alternating chapters between the past and present, the story follows Macy and Elliot and their easy road to falling in love when they are kids and then later teenagers. The present is 11 years later and they had had a fall out of some sort and it was this mystery along with the very vivid and personable characters that kept me glued to the story.

Side Note: My friend and I have been reading the book at the same time and she has also really loved it and she brought up a really cool point; “There was no needless drama in the book.” And that’s so true! Sometimes, I like the drama, but sometimes it’s nice seeing two people fall in love normally. Kind of how I did in high school also.

I think this book will have to be a top shelf book for me simply because it took me back to a time to sweet feelings and sweet reunions. Plus, the two main characters are obsessed with books! Sigh… ❤

Gisela’s review of Love and Other Words

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