Gisela’s review of Circe


“That is one thing gods and mortals share. When we are young, we think ourselves the first to have each feeling in the world.”

An epic of not belonging, betrayal, love, death, motherhood, womanhood, and coming into power. Madeline Miller retold a Greek myth and made it extremely personal and relatable. Greek gods and heroes are were written so that regular people could look up to something, but also written in a way that reveals humankind’s deepest fears and darkest desires.

Circe is no different but with her, a distant figure only mentioned for a brief moment in The Odyssey, we experience the myths through her eyes- through the eyes of a woman who was made fun of for who she was, as an exile, and then literally exiled, banished to an island on her for eternity. Going into the wilderness, either of your own accord or forcibly is a story theme that will never get old. Because out in the wilderness, alone, is where we usually find ourselves.

We go with Circe on her journey and I could relate to her, weep with her when she was lost, and cheer when she gained vengeance, becoming powerful in her own right. Through her weaknesses and strengths, I see me, I see all of us.

This book made me happy to be alive.

“He does not mean it does not hurt. He does not mean we are not frightened. Only that: we are here. This is what it means to swim in the tide, to walk the earth and feel it touch your feet. This is what it means to be alive.”


I looked up pictures of Circe on the internet and this was probably my most favorite. I found some discrepancy to what it’s called but I think it’s titled, “Lady Hamilton as Circe.” I would not mind being painted as a Greek goddess, especially if it is Circe with her lions roaming around her. 

Gisela’s review of Circe

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