Gisela’s review of You (You, #1)

Charming, sarcastically funny, into literature, and super psychotic obsessive- all things I don’t want in a guy who is in love with me.

The narrator of the audio book did an absolute amazing job at bringing Joe to life in all his narcissistic ways. And I would gladly read any other book he narrates. Caroline Kepnes created this character, Joe, perfectly. His thoughts are absurd and he lives in this delusional world where he believes he is the only one living the correct way and everyone is corrupt.

I’m usually okay with violence and crazy anti-hero’s and antagonists and I get it Beck was annoying as hell and had her own problems BUT he was wayyyyyy out of line. This is like one giant warning label on what happens when you idealize someone and put them on a pedestal and then they disappoint you because YOU (meaning Joe) had these outrageous expectations of this girl.

He was not an anti-hero and did not have any redeeming qualities- just a straight up villain.

Only thing I liked about him was his love of literature. Now I’m questioning if I’m a psycho.

Great creepy book.

Gisela’s review of You (You, #1)

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