Gisela’s review of How to Stop Time

“and I know there are many more presents to live. I understand you can be free. I understand that the way you stop time is by stopping being ruled by it. I am no longer drowning in my past, or fearful of my future. How can I be?

This book. Wow. Just wow. Incredible. The plot was phenomenal and I was hooked from page one. But not only the plot- the plot worked beautifully alongside the rich characters. Tom was a beautifully broken and fragile character and he went through one of the best character developments I’ve read in a while. His inner monologue was comforting and his bits of insight about humanity were thought-provoking. The passing of time scares everyone. Like the quote above, we are all ruled by it even if we aren’t semi-immortal beings.

This book is being put on my shelf as one that I will come back to time and time again (no pun intended).

“Everything is going to be all right. Or, if not, everything is going to be, so let’s not worry.”

Gisela’s review of How to Stop Time

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