Gisela’s review of The Woman in Cabin 10

3.5 ALMOST a 4.

I feel like I always say this with suspense/mystery books but the beginning is always slow. But then I slap myself and remember that the beginning is usually the most important part and stop being a baby and enjoy the damn book for what it is – and it was entertaining. I still think the beginning dragged little but was important for the rest of the book.

Lo is not the most likable character in the beginning. I thought she was too wimpy and needed some backbone but then I read her background and was like “ooooh.” She grew on me halfway through the book when she took more initiative. The other characters were very interesting and I liked the scenes where she interacted with people more than when she was just living inside her head.

I will say, I always find suspense/ mystery books successful if my theories are all over the place and have absolutely know idea what is happening. The ending came and honestly I did not see that coming. Not even close to any of my theories – and the last stretch of the book gave me a heart attack.

I will definitely pick up more of Ruth Ware’s books!

Gisela’s review of The Woman in Cabin 10

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