Gisela’s review of Tower of Dawn

Words can’t describe how much I love this book! I know I’m the 1% that really likes Chaol and this book made me love him even more. I think I probably liked this book the best after Assasin’s Blade (another least favorite of many people).

It’s been a few days since I have finished this book and I still can’t wrap my mind around it so just beware this is one of those incoherent reviews.

Yrene is a new favorite character. She is intelligent and sassy. Her remarks to Chaol had my laughing out loud and vice versa. They had some of the best dialogue exchange. I think that is something I like best about Sarah. She is really good at how the characters relate to one another no matter if it is lovers, friends, enemies, or even random characters meeting on the street – each exchange is meaningful.

So much was revealed in this book too! I was screaming from all the damn revelations happening! I know some people wanted to skip this book (but really why?!) but DON’T! IT’S SUPER IMPORTANT IF NOT YOU WILL NOT GET IT!!!!!!!

The message behind the book was lovely also. “The world needs more healers.” I love my bad ass ladies and I’m all for them, but Yrene was bad ass in her own way. Instead of killing, she heals and it was beautiful. She’s going to change the world by healing it and I really hope she has a huge part in the final book along with Chaol (my boo).

Gisela’s review of Tower of Dawn

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