Gisela’s review of If We Were Villains

Passion, betrayal, deception… I think I can add more adjectives to describe the insanely beautiful and destructive nature of the characters in If We Were Villains.

I’ll give you a warning though, it is a book that requires a bit of patience and intrigue and love for character driven stories. If you have those, plus at least a vague knowledge of Shakespeare than you will truly appreciate this. And appreciate it I did.

As soon as I put the book down, my heart ached for all the characters and the decisions that lead to their predicaments. (I can’t give too much away without ruining the book). I think I could especially relate to the characters and to books in general because just like Oliver and Co., when you live the lives of so many others, even vicariously, you don’t know where yours and the characters emotions begin or end. It’s a dramatically thin line. I believe anyone of any background that is passionate about any particular subject can relate. When you are so involved in your passion, any lines that have been previously drawn are erased. Reality and fantasy slowly melt together.

The ending is definitely open to interpretation and I enjoy it when authors do that in an artful way. Which M.L. Rio did. She’s brilliant.

I’ll leave you with this quote from the book:

You can’t quantify humanity. You can’t measure it-not the way you mean to. People are passionate and flawed and fallible. They make mistakes. Their memories fade. Their eyes deceive them.“

Gisela’s review of If We Were Villains

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