Gisela’s review of The House

Even with reading the synopsis for the book, I still was not prepared for what I read AND how much I liked it. The House is the extreme example of what happens when you mess around with things you shouldn’t mess around in.

There is a corner of my heart reserved for paranormal, romance, and paranormal romance (blame Twilight) and I think that it was ultimately suckered me in. Delilah and Gavin have electrifying chemistry and their back in forth banter was really cute. But don’t think just because I said their banter is cute, that it means this book is cute. No. This book is DARK. Dark in the way of paranormal, haunted houses, frightening nightmares, and creepy spirits.

This was also my first Christina Lauren book and I really enjoyed their writing style. Beautifully descriptive without being over done. I’ve been wanting to read their other books but I’m happy I started with this one.

Gisela’s review of The House

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