Gisela’s review of Alex and Eliza

First off, I’m biased. Second, I don’t care. This book was everything I hoped it to be and more.

Ever since listening to the musical (because sadly I haven’t been able to win the lottery or afford tickets yet), I’ve been obsessed with anything Hamilton, probably as obsessed as Hamilton is with writing like he’s running out of time and running his mouth off. So when I heard there was a book about Eliza and Alexander AND that it was going to be written by Melissa de la Cruz, I thought I was going to have a full blown fangirl attack (which did happen).

I love how Melissa de la Cruz wove in real historical pieces of the war between the developing love of a young Eliza and Alex. War, although a horrible evil thing, makes the perfect backdrop for a love story. It was great diving a little deeper into their young lives, where the musical didn’t have the time. Oh and Eliza, gosh I love her even more. I couldn’t help but swoon at the low-key flirting they had going on and wished for a time where someone would court me like that. Alas.

I can’t help but have the affair in the back of my head, but like Eliza, I still fell hard for the young swain, Alex.

Side Note: I honestly would be really into a second (or shall I dare say, series) where the story continues and we see the whole relationship play out when the affair happens. I just want to see Eliza break his face or something, honestly.

Gisela’s review of Alex and Eliza

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