Gisela’s review of Marrow

This book was mind blowing. Or I should say, it was a giant mind f**k. I don’t know whether I should love Margo or be terrified of her. But her avenging angel self has got a place in my heart where all of the other crazy Tarryn protagonists lie.

I really enjoyed reading through this book and seeing where she was inspired by real life events (Casey Anthony being one of them) and how it connected with her other books (brilliant). The downward spiral of a human being affected by her circumstances is fascinating. AND what is even more fascinating is how aware of most of it she is! It really makes you reevaluate you understand and think about the notorious people we see on television and the screwed up version of reality they have created for themselves.

Bravo though, bravo.

Gisela’s review of Marrow

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