Gisela’s review of Thirteen Reasons Why

I hated and loved this book. So hate-love. Hate because of the horrible topic and situation. Love it because it is a topic and situation we need awareness about.

There isn’t much I can or want to say about the book. I cried (so hard) and hoped for the best even though we knew Hannah was doomed from the beginning. Her words were haunting and there were many times I had to just put the book down and soak in what I just read. Clay’s reactions were just as haunting. His confusion was so comforting to me because, at one point in time, that is all of us: confused, hurt, afraid, guilty.

The one takeaway I can say I got from this book: open your eyes. Be aware that your actions have a ripple effect. What you do will cause something to happen, which will cause another thing to happen and the cycle goes on. We have all been there (don’t deny it).

My heart aches for all the Hannah’s in the world and the loneliness and emptiness they must be feeling. I hope this book helps people to look beyond themselves and help those they see hurting, physically and mentally.

Gisela’s review of Thirteen Reasons Why

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