Gisela’s review of Victoria

I am a big fan of historical fiction and this was my first Daisy Goodwin book. I have heard nothing but good things about her writing and it was all justified! I enjoyed reading this book so much! I grew to love Queen Victoria after watching the movie with Emily Blunt and listening to the podcast by The History Chicks (which I really recommend listening to) and reading this book added to my love.

Like young ladies, Victoria has to handle overbearing parents, growing up, and meeting the one all while becoming the freaking queen at age 18!!! Humans are complicated creatures and when you add the responsibility of being a sovereign, well things can become chaotic. Goodwin’s depiction is pretty consistent with what I have heard about Queen Victoria and I’m happy that Victoria’s personality shown throughout the book. She was impulsive and made so many mistakes, but always owned up to them.

Some people do not enjoy historical fiction, but Goodwin’s writing style kept it fresh without taking away from the historical elements of the times. I kept looking things up to see how accurate it was and I was super pleased! The language was not stuffy at all and I think anyone wanting to learn more about the young monarch will enjoy this book.

Oh and the last few chapters, gahhhhh I couldn’t stop swooning!!! Nice subtle romance. *sighhhh*

Gisela’s review of Victoria

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