Gisela’s review of Girl in Pieces

I’ve never read a book about self-harm, and although the subject spoken about is not light, I’m glad I read this because it opened my eyes to a world I know little about.

The writing was amazing. I was hooked from the very first page. Kathleen Glasglow writes apologetically. She doesn’t try to make the situation pretty because it’s not. She gave the main character a voice that put me in her shoes. I could feel her resentment, her loneliness, her ugliness. There aren’t any chapters in this book, and some parts could even be read as prose. There were a few parts that I just read over and over again, because I just wanted to stay in that moment, feel what Charlie was feeling.

Charlie has gone through so much, it angers me that a young person can go through that much without the proper help. The situations she was put in were really out of her control and how could you blame her when she reacted the way she did? We as humans can only take so much. But although Charlie was in a very dark place, this book gave hope. Yes, we as humans go through some harrowing times, times when we think we may never ever be happy again. We will feel like no one understands us, and the sad reality is that maybe no one does understand you. The human experience will always be unique to each person and sometimes you can only be your own best friend. Charlie was her own best friend for a long time. Gosh that girl went through so much.

In the end Glasgow shows us how resilient the human spirit is and how wonderful it can be to finally find some semblance of peace.

P.s. This book also showed me how broken the health care system can be. How can you just throw someone out when they aren’t ready?! If someone needs help, you give it to them.

Gisela’s review of Girl in Pieces

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