Gisela’s review of Beware That Girl

After finishing this book I am wondering who I have to be more afraid of. I don’t want to name names because I don’t want to give any clue or hints about the plot, but just when I thought I figured the characters out, I didn’t.

The book was engaging and one of the main protagonists, Kate was my favorite. Her character was strong and resilient and I never really knew if I could trust her or not. Same goes for Olivia, goodness was I wrong about her. I mean, I was wrong about everyone, except for Mark. His character was a bit predictable, just a wee bit, but I was okay with that because I didn’t want to mistrust my judgment on him.

As the story progresses you get these bits and pieces of each character’s back-story, BUT you don’t really know until the end what is real and what isn’t. That helped with keeping myself in the story, I NEEDED to know what the hell was going to happen. This is probably the vaguest review ever, but I don’t want to give anything away. The book got some bad reviews on here, but personally, I really enjoyed this book. That ending though… gah, that’s what kept me from giving it 4.5 stars (if I could of course). I craved more closure than the author gave us.

Plus, I wanted to hear more about Johnny. 😉

Gisela’s review of Beware That Girl

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