The long white road
That ribboned down the hill,
The velvet clematis that clung
Around your window-sill
Are waiting for you still.

Again the shadowed pool shall break
In dimples around your feet,
And when the thrush sings in your wood,
Unknowing you may meet
Another stranger, Sweet.

And if he is not quite so old
As the boy you used to know,
And less proud, too, and worthier,
You may not let him go –

(And daisies are truer than passion-flowers)

It will be better so.

R.A.L., november 1915

Brittain V., 1933: Testament of Youth

Roland A. Leighton was Vera Brittains fiancé. He wrote this poem barely a month before he died at the front in northern France.

(via berl1et)

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