Gisela’s review of Maybe Someday

I’m probably being completely biased because I love ALL of Colleen Hoover’s books but Maybe Someday will be my second favorite after Confess. I always pick up a Hoover book when I need a pick me up because although all the characters go through crazy situations and you almost believe that there will be no happy ending, there is a happy ending and I love that about her. AND even though I know there is most likely going to be a happy ending, I never have any idea how it is going to get there! I have no idea how Hoover is able to keep that element in her books time and time again.

I’ve never read a book that combined actual music and a story, and it worked out nicely and added an extra sentimentality to the story. I felt a little more immersed because of that.

Now emotionally… the characters interactions were driving me crazy! Absolutely crazy! I wanted to knock some sense into Ridge the whole time and found myself saying “No. No. No,” plenty of times. I really had no idea how Ridge and Syndey would react to each other after certain situations arose. I liked that, though! I could never guess and I don’t like it when a book is too predictable.

Overall if you need some hope and love in your life, read this.

Gisela’s review of Maybe Someday

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