A review of The Young Elites

“In spite of everything, I feel a strange sense of glee.
All this chaos is of my own creation.”

I need the next book, NOW!

This is the type of book I have been wanting to read for the longest time. In the world of Kenettra, a deadly plague passed through the land and the survivors were left scared and with unique abilities, one of these being our main girl, Adelina. There are many throughout the book with strange and wonderful powers: fire, wind, self-healing, but Adelina’s is the scariest power yet.

From the beginning, Adelina is emotionally and physically abused by her father for being different, while her beautiful and sweet sister received all the love and good attention. This sets the story up and I can immediately see and empathize with her! No wonder the girl is bitter and angry. I would be too. All this pent up anger and frustration, fuels Adelina and is the makings of a great person. But don’t get me wrong… this isn’t a hero story. This is the untold story: the villain. And I like it. Adelina is complex and deals with many emotions that people are too scared to admit that they have. She struggles with these emotions and the feeling of not being wanted throughout the whole. It doesn’t help that everyone has their own agenda. No one, not even the most good-hearted person, has truly pure intentions, and I think this is what makes the book so great. Take away the fantasy, and these characters are real people in real life.

Enzo, the crown prince, I didn’t know how to feel about him at all throughout the book. One moment I hated him and the next moment he was okay. Same goes for many of the characters. No one is good and no one is bad, and Adelina addresses this many times in the book, which is probably why she gets so confused and does not know who to turn to. Ultimately, I think she made the right decision. Not to spoil anything, but she choose herself and I cannot wait to see how her character develops in the next book and see how truly dark she can get.

A review of The Young Elites

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