A review of Crooked Kingdom

How? How does one come up with such a brilliant story such as the story of Kaz Brekker and his gang of thieves?

Leigh Bardugo has created the unbelievable kingdom full of crooked merchants, magic, science, and so much more. I love how the implications of what happened in the Grisha Trilogy were shown throughout the book and it came to play towards the end of this book. It’s genius honestly how she keeps everything straight. I will go as far as to compare (although I don’t want to) Kaz Brekker to Aelin from Throne of Glass… I will never understand how the hell these characters are so damn smart! Kaz had me on my toes from the beginning to the series to the end. I never knew when he was being serious or when he was bluffing. Bardugo had me a fool the entire time.

I’m happy that the Wraith and Kaz finally had some sort of conclusion, I teared up at the end. Actually speaking of tears, Chapter 40… NOT A GOOD CHAPTER. I cried my blue eyeballs out! Not cool Leigh, but I know it was necessary. Without giving away WHAT happened, I can only say that is probably the only thing I did see coming, not how or who, but I knew it was going to end badly for one of the characters. It tore me in two.

Nina, besides Kaz, probably came in as my 3rd favorite character (second being Inej). Nina was just fearless, and if at any point in the book she was scared shitless, she never let it show. She was smart and cunning and was not afraid to stand up to her love Matthias’s prejudice. She also didn’t let it get to her. She helped him through it. Or I should say they helped each other.

Although the book is fantasy and you are taken on a wild adventure with a bunch of crooks, the book touches on many a serious issue. Human trafficking being one of the main ones that Inej felt very strongly about. Gambling, drug addiction, corrupt government, race issues… you name it. I got to see the inner workings of how these businesses work and why they need to be stopped. I saw the struggle that Inej had to go through and the trauma it caused her to be stolen from her family and be forced to sell her body before she was able to become the Wraith. All the characters had equal demons to work through during the course of the book and my heart went out to each of them.

I won’t be letting go of the characters anytime soon. It had the perfect ending, but I can only hope this isn’t the last I will be hearing of the infamous Dirtyhands.


A review of Crooked Kingdom

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