A review of Succubus Blues

I put three, but honestly, it deserves a 3.5, almost a 4 because I genuinely enjoyed this book! I didn’t think I would (sometimes I do judge by the cover) but the plot was pretty gripping. On top of that, I find anything that has to do with the forces of good and evil (angels and demons) fascinating.

The main character, Georgina, was really interesting too. I like that she had more to her than just what any succubus job entails. She is still really in touch with her humanity and cares about humans. So much so that it pretty much has ruined her love life for the last millennia. BUT I find it so cool how with her immortality she has been able to take advantage and experience so many different time periods and she keeps the best of them (swing dancing anyone?).

It was a bit slow at first, but once the murders started happening, I couldn’t put the book down. I needed to know who was behind everything! Georgina is a smart succubus and was able to figure out a lot of the details. I’m hoping though that maybe in the next book she might get stronger or something, maybe have some hidden power in her arsenal. Either way, I’m looking forward to the next book.

A review of Succubus Blues

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