A review of Beautiful Burn

Just when I thought I’ve seen it all with Jamie McGuire, she comes through with Ellie Edson. Wow. Oh wow. That is not the usual female character that Jamie would write about but, I find it really good and interesting. Ellie is probably the craziest female lead yet, but of course who else could a Maddox Brother love, then someone as crazy or even crazier than they are.

Ellie is rich. When I say rich, I mean billionaire status. Yet, all the money, clothes, and unfortunately alcohol cannot fill the empty hole that is inside of her. It is alcohol that hinders all the relationships in her life because she cannot stay sober. She wants attention and she admits it from the very beginning, which I really admire. She knows that she has no reason to be empty or sad yet she can’t help it and she feels guilty for feeling so.

In comes, Tyler Maddox, Taylor’s twin and equal, and just like his brother, when he meets Ellie he cannot stay away no matter how much she tries to push him out. Ellie knows that she isn’t good for him. And I’m not saying that any of the Maddox brothers are saints, but I think in this book they finally met their match with someone that is more messed up mentally than they are. Ultimately, not even a Maddox’s love can save Ellie, but … it sure helps. My heart broke so many times when Tyler had no clue how to help. He only knew how to love, and that gave Ellie the courage to overcome her demons and get the help she needed.

Side Note: Finally someone else noticed all the secrets that are going on with this family! Falyn and Ellie should be friends and open up their own Private Investigator firm or something!

A review of Beautiful Burn

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