A review of Beautiful Redemption

Beautiful Redemption, besides Walking Disaster, is probably my favorite Maddox Brother story yet. We have Liis Lindy, who is completely brilliant and badass. Besides Abby Abernathy, she is my favorite girl yet. She is critical, analytical, and knows exactly what she wants. She is still human enough to know when to give in to her emotions, but she knows in the grand scheme of things that she will not let anyone, not even a Maddox Brother, to get in the way of her end goal. She won’t compromise her goals for a guy. One of the quotes that stood out to me the most that made me just put the book down and give her a slow clap was this:

I can shoot a target at eighty-five yards with a twenty-two pistol, I can take down an assailant twice my size, and I deal with your arrogant ass at least twice a day. I can handle Benny, the Yakuza, and Grove. I’m not Camille. I am an agent of the FBI, same as you, and you will respect me as such. Do you understand me?

Like holy moly, if that doesn’t put a Maddox in his place, I don’t know what will.

Side note: This book also reinforced why Camille is my least favorite girl so far. I love Trent, but gosh Camille and Thomas were pissing me off the whole time. I was completely on Liis side the whole time, and I agreed 100% with her when she called out the double standard when it comes to guys vs girls getting their heart broken and getting over it. Seriously, I wanted to punch everyone in the throat whenever they blamed Liis. Grow up.

Besides that, I have a thing for mobs, gangs, FBI, and scheming; so this book was completely up my alley. All the details of FBI work and putting the case together boggled my mind. I also enjoyed the behind the scenes and seeing Abby and Travis’s relationship through other’s eyes. There were many realizations for me reading this book, and I was in shock that some theories came true and others that I was completely unaware of. I won’t put any here, but wow. Just wow. Jamie Mcguire is a freaking genius how she ties everything together so seamlessly. How she keeps everything straight, is beyond me! She is as brilliant as her characters, and I appreciate them so much more.

A review of Beautiful Redemption

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