a review of Champion

I was not expecting to love this series as much as I do right now. As the books progressed they got better and better. Now I have finished the third book, Champion, and I am quite satisfied and a bit sad that it is over.

FYI this review may or may not have spoilers, beware.

This book begins 8 months after the end of the second book, Prodigy. June and Day have not seen each other at all and under unfortunate circumstances they are meeting once again. Not that I mind, I want them together and was rooting for them the entire two books before. The Colonies (those bastards) are calling off the peace treaty that The Republic and their new Elector, Aden want. Now before I get into anything, I really thought Aden was going to turn evil. There was so many times in the book where Lu described him as having this “look” in his eye and I was just waiting for it. Call it my lack of trust in people, but he proved me wrong.

Now June and Day’s relationship developed beautifully and honestly in this book. Sometimes it does get tiring when a main character meets the love of their life and it automatically just works. June and Day went through a lot of hardships and a lot of baggage. Day still kind of blames June for his mothers death and June feels equally guilty. They were awkward around each other because of this and it was an honest depiction of a friendship/relationship because let’s be honest: who would be okay with that over night?

I also really liked that this book went a different route than most dystopian books, because most dystopian books want to overthrow their government and get rid of the man behind everything. This was not the case in this series. Day, June, and many other characters and the citizens The Republic genuinely care about their country and want to make it better! Not just tear it down. I think that is hopeful. I don’t think you have to get rid of something if it’s broken, sometimes things can be fixed and that can apply to government and people too.

The ending was… rough, for me at least. But I’m not a tough person when it comes to the situation that Day and June were in. HERE COMES THE SPOILER. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. Because of Day’s condition and the did a very high risk operation that left him only remembering the people that were in his life from the beginning, which means he doesn’t remember June. That was heart breaking for me. But I completely respect June for leaving it at that and allowing Day the time to heal and live his life without her. It’s probably what I would have done in her situation and it was very realistic. Other books probably would have had them still together. I also appreciate that she was finally able to admit her feelings, even if it was a little too late. Fast forward ten years later, June and Day meet again… and yes, Day faintly recognizes her. I think that’s beautiful.

a review of Champion

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