a review of And I Darken

Historical fiction at it’s finest. Kirsten White created this vibrant world out of a glorious, dark, and wondrous time in history, the Ottoman Empire. I remember reading about the Ottoman Empire in school ad this book just brought it to life for me. Of course, it is not exactly how history went but you can definitely tell White did her research. Now I want to talk about Lada. Wow. She is incredible. She is fierce and brutal like no other character I have seen. She takes no prisoners and is not the princess you would imagine. But I like that about her. I like that she isn’t pretty. I like that she says what is on her mind is fearless from the moment she is born. AND she does not submit to man, which is something I really admire. She allows herself to be unapologetically herself no matter the circumstance. I know it is a heavy topic now in days that people say women can have everything: love, family, and career… but you know sometimes it isn’t possible. Sometimes you don’t want to compromise, and I don’t think you should have to. I think many girls and women are going to look up to Lada, myself included and think…No. I don’t want to take the traditional path. And although that may be what you want to do but not me. I don’t want to compromise and I’m okay with that.

Of course their are other characters, Radu, her brother for example. He is the other main character in the book and it is also told from his point of view. He is a beautiful and gentle soul, and his character developed heavily throughout the book. I really want to know how his friendship with Mehmed will continue in the next book. As for Mehmed, I do not know how to feel about him just yet. Sometimes I feel that his character is sincere, other times I’m not so sure. I like him, but I feel like something bad might happen in the next book.

Call me bias, but Lada is my favorite character and after that empowering ending, I cannot wait for the next book to come out. I already know how it happens in history, let us see where Kiersten White takes us.

a review of And I Darken

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