a review of Black Widow: Forever Red

“Natasha Romanoff. Avenger. Agent. Assassin.

Five stars for giving Natasha the attention she deserves, because this lady seriously kicks some serious butt. Margaret Stohl and Marvel gave us a brilliant inside view into the dark world of Black Widow, and it is dark. Black Widow is already a compelling character. She is both ruthless and radiant. Brilliant and beautiful. Cunning and clever, but most of all flawed… and that is perhaps what I love most about her character. She realizes her brokenness and uses it to her advantage, and teaches us that girls can be more than the situation are given.

That is also shown through Ava Orlov’s character as well. She isn’t my favorite to be honest and probably because she is an angsty teen and rightly so with what she has been through. I shudder at the thought that I was probably like that. But I do like how her character developed.

Alex Manor, I’m not ready to talk about him and I probably never will. Also, I don’t want to spoil it for anyone that has not read the book yet. You are in for a surprise, or at least I was.

Did this book make me cry? Yes. But than again most books do. What I believe now more than ever though is that Black Widow deserves her own movie. Please make this happen Marvel.

a review of Black Widow: Forever Red

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