a review of Barely Breathing

Not to be cliche with what I am about to say, but I was barely breathing when I read this book. I could not put the book down! I really do like Emma’s development as a character even if I didn’t like all the choices she made. I could tell she was finally releasing all the emotions she has had during her trying times, not that her trying times are over. No, they are far from over. I really wish she would just trust Evan more. I really think he would be understanding and even if he doesn’t “get it.”

We get introduced to Emma’s mother in this book, and I can say right off that I do not like her one bit. Maybe some people will be sympathetic to her cause, but no, just no. And Jonathan, right there with her. My blood is boiling just thinking about them two!

My goodness that ending though! Everything just hit the fan and everything turned to crap. Kind of like the first book. I am not satisfied and I need to know what happens next. Right now.

a review of Barely Breathing

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