a review of Queen of Shadows

FYI: I apologize in advanced for the super long review/rant… I had a lot of feelings.

I really want to give this book 5 stars because the action and the plot and dialogue all worked in harmony to create the perfect book. I’m only giving it 4 stars for selfish, hopeful fangirl reasons. First let’s get technical: this book was magic. Aelin really has truly grown so much, she is fitting her role as queen and making decisions on her own. She pretty much as always made decisions on her own, but I feel like now in this book they make more sense. Although I do agree with Chaol, at times she can be wild and unpredictable, but that is why I love her. I wish I could be more like her sometimes. I love the the characters are all getting together finally and backing each other up, fighting for the same reason, even though at first they all hated each other (to my dismay). Aelin’s court is going to be strong and fierce, and although they still have a lot to go, I believe they can do it. But I don’t want to speak too soon, there are still more books left and a lot left to happen. 

New favorite character, Manon, she is truly a bad ass and I completely respect where she is coming from. Her character development is the one I enjoyed reading about the most, and every calculating choice she made (either good or bad) I was okay with. Her fight scene with Aelin was perhaps my favorite in all 5 books so far! Two bad ass heirs fighting and worthy opponent. That is just amazing. Something I am not liking too much, which could be for my own selfish reasons, Chaol definitely has become an underrated character in the book, and I truly believe he deserves more than that. I know everyone is mad at him for being so loyal, and sometimes to a fault, but seriously the guy has a lot of courage to do what he does, and I honestly believe he had one of the more challenging roles. In world full of Fae, supernatural, shifters, dark magic, I can only imagine how it would be to be a regular human. I think he really deserves a spectacular destiny. (I’m also still shipping him and Aelin). 

I love Rown.. I love his loyalty, and his bravery, his experience too. I think that Aelin and him have a beautiful friendship, a friendship that I would like to have one day, but I just don’t see it yet. I truly think that Aelin needs someone like Chaol, someone to keep her wild and grounded. I don’t want Aelin to change, not for the world, but she needs someone by her side that will be that steady ground. I don’t want to spoil certain scenes and endings so if you do not want to be spoiled, please, do not keep reading. I hate/ love with authors make me feel things for evil characters: i.e. the King! I did not see that coming, and I actually felt really sorry for him. I’m not too surprised to find out that the Duke is behind a lot of everything that has been going on, but I still feel like there is more that has yet to reveal itself. I don’t think it can be all the Duke. 

Final say: I want more of Manon and Elide, I want more of the original three: Dorian, Aelin, and Chaol. Rowan is life and Aedion needs to get the credit he deserves as well. Oh and before I forget, Lysandra… I want to be her friend. The way she came into the story was perfect timing and just shows how much of a genius Sarah is. I would really like to see some form of a family tree for Aelin’s family because I am getting so confused. It would probably help if Elena shows up again… I think it is needed. I am very nervous about the next book beyond nervous. Every twist and turn in Queen of Shadows was unexpected and I enjoyed and suffered through it all.

a review of Queen of Shadows

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