a review of The Elite | “Another way to look at classicism.”

Hands down, way better then the first books. Just like I asked for Prince Maxon’s character developed more (although not how I truly wanted but he is very honest and you have to appreciate that in a person). I was really disappointed in some of his actions, but sometimes people’s actions have to do with how they are brought up, and that is very true in many of the characters throughout this book. That is also probable one of the main motivators of many characters and the reason they behave the way they do, especially with our main girl America. In The Elite, we get to see just how deep the divide is between the classes and the making of such a system and how it ultimately will never truly be perfect, no matter how much we wish it. There were plenty of times I caught myself thinking, “America grow up! Be a lady!” But how can I blame her. She is in our terms probably below middle class and is thrown into this weird bachelor kingdom/ dystopia game. I would be confused as hell too. America though, knows she has to survive and stick through and I really give her props for that. I need to get my hands on the next book and see how this ends!

I can’t help but notice how much this book has made me think of classicism. 

a review of The Elite | “Another way to look at classicism.”

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